Step 54 – The Fire of Knowledge is Burning Within Me Now

” WHAT IS THE FIRE OF KNOWLEDGE but Knowledge moving within you? This is a fervent awareness of something that needs your attention, an area perhaps where you need to take action or something that needs to be comprehended – something that cannot wait, something that cannot be put aside or delegated to some lowerContinue reading “Step 54 – The Fire of Knowledge is Burning Within Me Now”

Knowledge – The New Message from God and why it is important to hear and receive this great Revelation!

If someone had said to me a few years ago I would be studying a whole new revelation for the world which comes through what would be generally understood as a “channeled source”, I would have told them “NO WAY” in no uncertain terms because most channeled information I have experienced is tainted by theContinue reading “Knowledge – The New Message from God and why it is important to hear and receive this great Revelation!”

Earth’s Crisis and Evolution Series- Part 1 Finding Commonality in Religious and Spiritual Pathways

“THE HOLY SPIRIT is actually the activating agent of Knowledge. It is the communication of God to awaken.” Secret 298 “The PURPOSE OF THIS IS KNOWLEDGE. There is no one to idolise. There are no heroes here. We remain invisible. You cannot worship us. In time, you will understand the wisdom of this and whyContinue reading “Earth’s Crisis and Evolution Series- Part 1 Finding Commonality in Religious and Spiritual Pathways”

The Answer Lies Within The Self

Imagine no concept of God, no religions, no spiritual alternatives, no people, groups, books, films or videos that talk of a soul, a spirit, the Sacred and nothing beyond us to believe in and seek. What does that look and feel like? None of these answer our questions about life, our planet, the universe andContinue reading “The Answer Lies Within The Self”

Love and Will

As we learn to understand Divine love as the energy which connects all of us.  It may be hard to see this clearly when we have such terrible things in the world and many may struggle to grasp the concept of love being able to change everything. As most seek the answers from a logicalContinue reading “Love and Will”

Love and Forgiveness

Much has been written and spoken about forgiveness and love, so I can only add my own insight to the questions of “should we forgive and can we forgive those who have harmed us”. As we live with the fear and terror of attacks around us currently, we must also look at all the waysContinue reading “Love and Forgiveness”

Evolution of the Soul

Physical evolution of the species ignores the evolution of the soul and inner spirit which is the inherent drive to Know where we came from and seek return to our source. This has created many forms of worship in various traditions, rituals and cults which have been building upon each other to give us aContinue reading “Evolution of the Soul”

Authenticity in Spiritual Teaching

All spiritual teachers, and I include myself here, speak from their truth of inner experience . Our teachings show that it is possible to live on earth in a mutually loving way by honouring the Sacred and infinite source of the universes. Whatever Gods or Gurus are believed in, only the Sacred truth is whatContinue reading “Authenticity in Spiritual Teaching”

Our Sacred Earth – A Celtic understanding and the movement of Knowledge.

In Ancient times and still today, we remember the Summer Solstice as one of the 8 festivals of nature’s movement throughout the year. I hear from many people that we are all letting go, digging deep, moving into our natural and true selves. People are shifting and Knowledge is alive in the world weaving inContinue reading “Our Sacred Earth – A Celtic understanding and the movement of Knowledge.”

Our Relationship with The Sacred

Whatever our opinions, differences and beliefs are, the sacred is greater than all of them. Irrespective of nationality and culture we are one race of human beings with a call to return to relationship with our Sacred source. Fear and resistance to our oneness only brings division and large-scale violence. Unity for the human raceContinue reading “Our Relationship with The Sacred”