Sacred Knowledge

What is Knowledge and how do we access the deeper spiritual relationship with the Sacred to help us in our daily lives and particularly at this time of human crisis?

Our spiritual or religious practices hold the answer when we go deeper within the self.  If we practice stillness, meditation, or contemplative prayer which allows space to receive, we awaken and experience Knowledge within. By listening more deeply within, the answer to our direction and purpose emerges, usually when we least expect it!

“We hold deep within us a spark of the Sacred, the intelligence of inner knowing or Knowledge. More than intuition, it is the movement of spirit within that ‘Knows’ what to do, when to do and when not to do. It has no doubt, no fear and no uncertainty. It moves us when we need moving, does not hesitate when we need to speak or act and protects us through all of our life’s challenges. Inner Knowing speaks to us through our thoughts and feelings, giving us inner strength, calm and great love and is fearless in the face of major decisions and danger. This is the experience of a relationship with the energy of the Sacred. Our Relationship with the Sacred

After training in healing including visualisation and meditation, I began to practice stillness for many years. One day I felt I had reached a plateau and needed to KNOW how to deepen my relationship with the Sacred. That was when I came across this daily practice The Steps to Knowledge. I have found this to be unlike anything else I have undertaken and the depth of awakening from it is profound. It has given me a much deeper understanding of spirituality, religion and our relationship with the Sacred within us. Read Step 54 – The Fire of Knowledge is Within Me Now ( from STK Continuation Training).

By allowing ourselves time to be still and receive we reach into the ‘essence of the spirituality’ held within our faith and practice’s to find the deeper Knowledge in their teachings. Stillness allows us to transcend time and space where Knowledge can speak in the way that is natural for an individual to receive, and here is where we experience our Sacred relationship.

From this we find the emergence of our service in the world, in the true present reality because we see and hear the world as it really is, and just how much we are needed to help each other and our planet.

” WHEN YOU ARE SPEAKING WITH KNOWLEDGE. You will have very little awareness of yourself. And yet you will be highly aware of what is around you”. Secret 237 from ‘Secrets of Heaven’ mystery teachings of the angels – Marshall Vian Summers

Academic Resource about Sacred Knowledge – Knowledge And The Sacred by University Professor Seyyed Hussein Nasr

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