Earth’s Crisis and Evolution Series – Part 5 Freedom, Society and the New World Government

This final article in the Earth’s Crisis and Evolution Series concentrates on what we consider freedom to be as human beings on planet earth. The West is particularly obsessed with the notion of freedom, believing freedom has no restrictions, no limits, no responsibilities, and an open book to do and say whatever we please. HoweverContinue reading “Earth’s Crisis and Evolution Series – Part 5 Freedom, Society and the New World Government”

Step 54 – The Fire of Knowledge is Burning Within Me Now

” WHAT IS THE FIRE OF KNOWLEDGE but Knowledge moving within you? This is a fervent awareness of something that needs your attention, an area perhaps where you need to take action or something that needs to be comprehended – something that cannot wait, something that cannot be put aside or delegated to some lowerContinue reading “Step 54 – The Fire of Knowledge is Burning Within Me Now”

Earth’s Crisis and Evolution Series Introduction

Covid 19 brought the world to a standstill and humanity is now wondering what is happening as governments actioned unprecedented control measures now threatening our whole way of living. Whilst we certainly face an unpredictable disease pandemic causing death and sorrow to over a million people so far, we are facing other threats in allContinue reading “Earth’s Crisis and Evolution Series Introduction”

The Answer Lies Within The Self

Imagine no concept of God, no religions, no spiritual alternatives, no people, groups, books, films or videos that talk of a soul, a spirit, the Sacred and nothing beyond us to believe in and seek. What does that look and feel like? None of these answer our questions about life, our planet, the universe andContinue reading “The Answer Lies Within The Self”

Love and Will

As we learn to understand Divine love as the energy which connects all of us.  It may be hard to see this clearly when we have such terrible things in the world and many may struggle to grasp the concept of love being able to change everything. As most seek the answers from a logicalContinue reading “Love and Will”

Love and Forgiveness

Much has been written and spoken about forgiveness and love, so I can only add my own insight to the questions of “should we forgive and can we forgive those who have harmed us”. As we live with the fear and terror of attacks around us currently, we must also look at all the waysContinue reading “Love and Forgiveness”

Authenticity in Spiritual Teaching

All spiritual teachers, and I include myself here, speak from their truth of inner experience . Our teachings show that it is possible to live on earth in a mutually loving way by honouring the Sacred and infinite source of the universes. Whatever Gods or Gurus are believed in, only the Sacred truth is whatContinue reading “Authenticity in Spiritual Teaching”

Part 4 Divine Love & Society – Divine Love as Knowing Series

So far I have talked about Divine Love in all relationships including how Divine Love helps us move to a greater whole through our service in our workplaces. From the home and workplace we then have our society. Society holds and mirrors our fear and love, our positive and negative thoughts, feelings, actions, desires, wantsContinue reading “Part 4 Divine Love & Society – Divine Love as Knowing Series”

Part 3 Divine Love & Work ( Our Service) – Divine Love as Knowing Series

After discussing how Divine Love weaves in our work relationships, let’s look more closely at Divine Love throughout all aspects of our work. Unfortunately, these days, the very word ‘work’ conjures an immediate negative energy in our minds of having to do something that is a chore, and for those who already love their work,Continue reading “Part 3 Divine Love & Work ( Our Service) – Divine Love as Knowing Series”