Hilary Canto – Emissary of Knowledge

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‘Love Ambassador’ for TLF https://www.thelovefoundation.com/loveambassadors/ 2017 Directors Award-Poetry 2018 Honorable Mention – Essay – Global Love Day

Voice & Sound HealingContact for ebook ‘The Heart’s Voice’© about the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies of our unique sacred voice.

Following a deeply spiritual journey, I realized the deepest Knowing of the Sacred is within us and in everything, our whole beingness is interdependent. After experiencing many aspects of life through both personal and career situations, excelling in business, music and the healing arts, I learned to trust the voice of my inner Knowing.

I created this site to give an insight into inner knowing or Knowledge to help others ignite and awaken their own Sacred flame of Knowledge within and trust the mystery of life. This Sacred flame and light within us is referred to in many religious rituals and spiritual practices. Sacred Knowledge is our deeper intelligence which allows us to have a personal relationship with the Sacred presence to protect and direct us in the world.

Love is only part of this Knowledge. Once Knowledge awakens in each individual it brings a whole new way of understanding, living and working in the world, and gives purpose and destiny for being human on this paradise we call Earth.

The ‘ Divine Love as Knowing’ series came as my personal revelation in 2016 which you can read here:

In 2018 I found The New Message from God and The New Messenger – Marshall Vian Summers who has brought the greatest revelation of Knowledge ever given to humanity. You will find reference to this throughout my later articles.

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