Earth’s Crisis and Evolution Series – Part 5 Freedom, Society and the New World Government

This final article in the Earth’s Crisis and Evolution Series concentrates on what we consider freedom to be as human beings on planet earth. The West is particularly obsessed with the notion of freedom, believing freedom has no restrictions, no limits, no responsibilities, and an open book to do and say whatever we please. However this idea of freedom is destroying the human/earth relationship because it is based on choice without attention to the consequence of choice.  With Knowledge we have responsibility and true freedom.

“THOSE WHO SEEK FREEDOM must relinquish freedom entirely. There is no freedom in freedom. It is when you move out of freedom that you are free. Is this not a contradiction? When there is choice, there is bondage, for you have not reached what is irrevocable. Only what is irrevocable has freedom, for only it is consistent and whole and at peace, because it is irrevocable. An irrevocable decision is not a decision. It is Knowledge.” Secret 115 – Secrets of Heaven, Mystery Teachings of the Angels by Marshall Vian Summers

This series began with Finding Commonality in Religious and Spiritual Pathways and this website is dedicated to strengthening the human spiritual condition, awakening the sacred light and fire of knowledge within each of us and pointing to the New Message from God, the new Revelation for our times. The series touches on parts of our lives that are not nice, which need looking at deeply and which show how fragile survival on earth has become, and where our place in the universe is right now as free, sovereign sentient beings. As we grapple with the complexities of the multitude of issues we currently face as one race of human beings, destroying a paradise planet that sustains all life here, we face the weakness and fear of those who wish to control us. Humanity is in grave danger of losing everything, either dying out or becoming mutated and enslaved; corralled into slave labour and herded, just as we have done to generations of fellow humans, cattle and livestock. For those shouting to have their identity recognized in whatever sector they feel they belong to, it is important to know that right now all of humanity seeks freedom to be human, irrespective of how this plays out through colour, gender, occupational, political or religious issues. None of these identity issues will be important when there is no human race to be part of. This article and whole website is bringing to the fore that our world is going through a scale of change which is irreversible, with cries for identity recognition felt at the deepest level within the individual and in society, of that change. Our very foundations of life are being pulled apart from every angle and our true freedom can only come through uniting and caring, not continuing with divisive identity and control battles. To those who believe in God or the Sacred, Know there is a plan and there is a new message to help us through this evolutionary change:

“ The Will of Heaven is for humanity to unite and to prepare so that it may survive the Great Waves of Change¹ and prepare for its engagement with life in the universe in such a way that human freedom and sovereignty in this world may be protected.

You are facing a non-human universe where freedom is rare and where free nations and peoples must exercise great discretion and great care amidst the presence of many more nations where freedom has been suppressed or where it was never known before.

The demands of the Greater Community are tremendous. You cannot be engaged in constant conflict here on Earth and be able to survive and remain free in this larger arena of life. It is a matter not of perspective or belief. It is a matter of necessity.

For nations to survive environmental decline in this world and increasing political and economic upheaval and difficulty, you will have to cooperate with each other. Instead of fighting, you will have to find ways to provide enough food, water and energy for the people of the world. That will be the prevailing and dominating need of the future here on Earth.” ²

Let’s put freedom into context, when authorities like Sir David Attenborough, who knows more than most about the earth’s natural home, gives stark warnings³, just as eminent scientist Professor Stephen Hawking gave warnings about AI and its dangers, we need to take note, sit up, listen and listen hard to our inner voices about what freedom really means to us.

Currently the world is in chaos in every sphere of daily life. To the ancient Greeks, the world was created from chaos. From my understanding of sound, this makes perfect sense because vibrations are chaotic before they move into order. Earth including our bodies and all life here are differing vibrations of light and sound which balance and harmonise the chemical, electrical and nuclear elements of all life on our planet and within the planet. Therefore when we enter into chaos as we are now, it means we are undergoing a great shift of our evolutionary journey on all levels of being – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Out of the chaos comes the new, however we are responsible for how the new world will manifest to all life on this planet and our relationship beyond this planet in a Greater Community of Intelligent life.

The list is complex of what each individual, group and nations are fighting for at this moment in our evolution, therefore we have to look deeper at the fundamental message coming through this chaos. Change is in the air and under our feet. Our whole identity, freedom and survival as a race of beings are at stake, how we live our daily lives and sustain our lives on earth.  There is also fear and oppression in our mental environment because our thoughts can be manipulated, and with mental health issues on the increase, more violence breaking out from resistance and oppression, political and economic instability with corruption rife, resources being fought over with trade wars, etc. We can see the controllers want to subjugate humanity, however we have an inner call to fight back IF WE LISTEN TO THAT INNER CALL!

Stop! Look! Listen! Our world is in danger, our planet is in danger, humanity and our freedom is in danger!

Yet, there are many who cannot entertain the idea of the world they know disappearing with everything that makes us human; the comfort and pleasures of human civilisation and religions under threat. There are those in denial who will need the strength of others in order to help them face what lies ahead, for it is THIS generation that must face what is coming.

We are witnessing unprecedented government breakdowns, corruption, dictatorships, and those who are just weak and do not know how to serve their nations. We are being sold that science and tech will be our saviours. We have economic decline and worsening poverty as we have allowed a pandemic to destroy how we relate and work in society. The rich are still living without care for the planet we live on and the poor who do not have clean water and food to eat are being exploited with GM seeds for food, destroying long term crops and abusing the land. Buildings are still being built taking up more green land and depleting resources, deforestation, animal abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, racial hatred, religious suppression and religious violence, terrorism, censorship, data privacy intrusion, currency manipulation and food scarcity…the list goes on and on. Military powers grow stronger; the police are being given greater strength to target and intrude on individuals…this is the reality of the world we are living in now!

The planet is set to create natural catastrophe on a scale we have never witnessed, and it is only a few years to go before this devastation on all levels of living will hit us. As we fight daily for basic freedoms to speak, to live a free life, we must look at what we are supporting in living that life. We must recognize those freedoms apply to EVERYONE which means our governments are free to dictate to us too. Criminals are free to be criminals; to walk down the street safely is one freedom, but the same freedom is there for a terrorist, criminal and abuser. This freedom journey requires thought and responsibility which is why there has to be law and order and restrictions to some freedoms in society. It all needs balance.

Recently, I was sent a video by an American investment banker and former public official Catherine Austin Fitts – Planet Lockdown which is deeply enlightening about what is going on in our world governments, technology and wealth control. Listen to her speak and you will hear in everyday  language what we face. Read more about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden too, who in 2018 spoke to The Guardian with no regrets whose key line was  “The people are still powerless, but now they are aware”. ⁵ It is imperative we fight for freedom and power, but we must fight with a new understanding of being free, where our innate Knowledge can direct our thoughts and actions for the good of all.

We cannot go back to our past, nor do we want to. We can learn from it to serve our future and US writer/philosopher/farmer Wendell Berry has much to teach us about our personal home, our conscience and morals, government intervention and the planet we call home:

 “ I must attempt to care as much for the world as for my household. Those are the poles between which a competent morality would balance and mediate: the doorstep and the planet. The most meaningful dependence of my house is not on the US government, but on the world, the earth. No matter how sophisticated and complex and powerful our institutions, we are still exactly as dependent on the earth as the earthworms. To cease to know this, and to fail to act upon the knowledge, is to begin to die the death of a broken machine. In default of man’s personal cherishing and care, now that his machinery has become so awesomely powerful, the earth must become the victim of his institutions, the violent self destructive machinery of man in the abstract. And so, conversely, the most meaningful dependence of the earth is not on the US government, but on my household – how I live, how I raise my children, how I care for the land entrusted to me.”

 He continues in a later paragraph:

“ Since there is no government of which the concern or the discipline is primarily the health of either of households or of the earth, since it is in the nature of any state to be concerned first of all with its own preservation and only second with the cost, the dependable, clear response to man’s moral circumstance is not that of law, but that of conscience. The highest moral behaviour is not obedience to law, but obedience to the informed conscience even in spite of law. The government will be the last to see the moral implications of man’s dependence on the earth, and the last to admit that wars can no longer be fought on behalf of some men but only against all men. Though these realizations have entered the consciences and the lives of certain persons, they have not yet superseded the self interest of any government.”

Wendell Berry is considered one of America’s most powerful radical voices, a poet laureate of American farmers and we can learn a great deal from his writing. He goes on to talk of protests and how they become a specialist area but more importantly he writes about how we still support what we rebel against:

 “Another possibility, equally necessary, and in the long run richer in promise, is to remove oneself as far as possible from complicity in the evils one is protesting, and to discover alternative possibilities. To make public protests against an evil, and yet live in dependence on and in support of the way of life that is the source of the evil, is an obvious contradiction and a dangerous one. If one disagrees with the nomadism and violence of our society, then one is under an obligation to take up some permanent dwelling place and cultivate the possibility of peace and harmlessness in it. If one deplores the destructiveness and wastefulness of the economy, then one is under an obligation to live as far out on the margin of the economy as one is able: to be economically independent of exploitive industries, to learn to need less, to waste less, to make things last, to give up meaningless luxuries, to understand and resist the language of salesmen and public relations experts, to see through attractive packages, to refuse to purchase fashion or glamour or prestige. If one feels endangered by meaninglessness, then one is under an obligation to refuse meaningless pleasure and to resist meaningless work, and to give up the moral comfort and the excuses of the mentality of specialization.”

Wendell hits home on how we behave in our world, how our moans and groans for what we think is freedom must be closely scrutinized and changed with self responsibility if we are to survive on earth as free beings and action positive change. We are in bondage to our choices!

In our global society there is mounting tension, violence, threat of war and the risk of human extinction. Political ambitions, economic and big tech control, science, space programmes and big business are competing for an ever shrinking pot with unrealistic activities carrying on as normal. How we are to save a world running out of resources is now priority, not continuing to fuel an unrealistic consumer driven, overpopulated world as normal. We are all in this together whatever the individual or corporate fight, oppressive, discriminatory or criminal activity is. Humanity must come together, because divided and distracted we fall and we fail. Combine this with the hybrid mix of intelligent life from other planets in our midst and we are heading for a future of control and subjugation we have never known in the history of the human family, one that will change the very fabric of human existence and freedom. If we think we do not have freedom now and keep creating distractions and division, we will ultimately lose all the freedoms we take forgranted.

History shows the result of intervening peoples in native/indigenous populations around the world through enslavement and the wipe out of civilizations. What we face currently is the whole human population being enslaved or wiped out. So far humanity is letting it happen whilst it argues and fights amongst itself for identity recognition of different skin colours and genders, whose religion is better, whose politics are right, whose tech is more advanced, whose medical discovery is groundbreaking, data control, police and military control, genocide, war and terrorism, criminal activity, wealth control and poverty. These things are important to consider regarding freedom, and we must come together to fight the enemy of control silently weaving through every part of our world. Forget whether something is labelled conspiracy theory, deep currents run through our bodies which tell us instinctively what is right or wrong for us, these currents must be listened to; not politician’s, or marketers , for governments are limited in what they can do. If we want change we need to be the force for change not abdicating it as someone else’s fight. We must listen to the fire within us, the fire of Knowledge driving us to speak up and act wherever we must in our lives. It is a matter of life and death now, not some far distant goal or dream. Hear those who are speaking up in all areas of life, those going against the status quo, some risking their lives, being tortured and imprisoned, these are not just dissidents but many respectable people contributing to society and awakening to the change to expose what needs attention in our world. Time is of the essence.

Therefore the New Message from God  brings strength and wisdom for our times, it speaks in clear everyday language to the individual not the leaders of our world, but to us, because we are the saviours we are waiting for to help our freedom and our planet. Our solution is a spiritual one that motivates us to act and speak to secure our freedom:

 “ Down through history, the Creator has given Revelation and Wisdom to meet the growing needs of people and nations at different times and in different parts of the world. Through Messengers of the past, God’s progressive Revelations have flowed into human awareness, advancing human civilization and re-awakening the experience of the Divine Presence in the world.

God’s progressive Revelations now continue anew through a New Message From God, delivered through a New Messenger, a man named Marshall Vian Summers.”

The New Messenger reveals that it is through Messengers that the Creator speaks to the entire world, presenting a whole new reality of understanding and awareness that is meant to touch the lives of people in all nations, cultures and religions. It is at great turning points that God moves to touch the world all at once, to move the human family in a new direction and to prepare humanity for the immense evolutionary thresholds that will determine its success and survival in the future. The arrival of a New Messenger signals that such a threshold has been reached, and that God is now speaking to the whole world.”

Many people need to know their prayers are being heard for the world and for themselves. The New Message from God teaches us about the true nature of Knowledge within us, not the personal mind but a deeper intelligence of God within each of us. It is with Knowledge developed within that we find the sacred fire of our spirit to speak against the status quo, or to remain silent and let events unfold before us. It is Knowledge that protects us and helps us navigate the challenges we face, it will help us come through as a free race in a greater community of intelligent life to save earth. It is our secret weapon against the establishment of subjugation and control.

Along with the New Message there is guidance from The Allies of Humanity, physical beings assisting us from beyond earth who bring grave warnings and positive hope for our future as we emerge into the Greater Community of worlds:

Only in worlds where individual freedom is valued and supported is Knowledge a true emphasis and a true goal, not only for the individual but for the nation at large. That is why Knowledge is feared and avoided in nations where there is no individual freedom because the power of Knowledge can stimulate individual creativity, individual dissent and individual differentiation from the will and the direction of the group. It is this freedom and creativity that give your life its dynamic qualities, its power and its potency. This enables an individual to fulfil their destiny in the world.”

Knowledge represents the power to see, to know and to act with certainty. It also represents the power to resist persuasion, deception and influence in the mental environment. The individual or the nation that has this strength has the power to resist intervention and to comprehend the intentions and the activities of other nations who might be threatening to its freedom or existence.

It is the ultimate form of intelligence, you see, and seers who are guided by Knowledge are more powerful than seers who are not. Here you are able to discern the future and future events before they happen, with varying degrees of accuracy. Here you are able to discern the intentions of others and the capabilities of others without the use of technology. Here you can pretend to be weak when in fact you are really strong. Here you can appear to be non-aggressive when in fact you can be incisive in your inquiries. Here you can be well protected and well defended without requiring a great military force or infrastructure. Here you can make wise decisions regarding your relations with other nations even if their intentions are questionable or uncertain. Here you can engage in diplomacy with other nations with far more certainty than you would have otherwise.

It is this power and this Knowledge that humanity will need if it is to gain the strength and commitment to establish greater unity amongst its nations and the wise and sustaining use of the world. This will overcome greed and avarice. This will overcome competition, conflict and war. This will overcome grievance and hatred and inequality.

That is why Knowledge is the greatest power in the universe. It is a power that the Intervention is not using, or it would not be here engaged in the activities it is undertaking. This is the power that will give humanity the power to offset intervention and to prevent future interventions. This is the power to give humanity the stability to establish a new world with far greater equanimity and equality, justice and freedom. Think upon these things.”

More to consider on freedom:-

“ For you will not remain a free world if you continue your struggle with one another – your dissensions, your competition, your violence, your wars. Fighting amongst yourselves, you have no idea of the presence of those who are intervening, or the many eyes in your local universe who are watching you, and all the errors of humanity being broadcast out into space for the discreet observer to see – your tribes warring with one another in a beautiful world that is desired by others. And although there are not many other races or nations that are aware of your existence, the challenge is yet very great, very real and growing all the time.”

“ We give this with great respect for humanity because you have kept your religious traditions alive, and the power of Knowledge within the individual is still recognized and honoured here, where it has been lost and forgotten or never realized in so many other places. For great technological nations in your local region of space are largely devoid of religion, spirituality and the higher ethics that you may still hold dear, which we value as well.”

“ Your freedom will have to be very practical in the future and very united. You will have to be free together, not free apart from each other. You will have to be free in purpose, not free to break that purpose down. You will have to be free to unite, not free to break that unity.”

“ Now we will give you a perspective on what freedom looks like once it is established. To be free, a world has to have a united government. It may have representatives from different groups and regions of a world, but it must be a united government. It cannot have a patchwork of warring tribes or even great nations, for that will only invite intervention and manipulation. The nations that are free foster individual creativity and the value of Knowledge within the individual, but this Knowledge has to be directed where it can serve the greater interests of the world and not merely the preoccupations of the individual. True talent here is highly recognized and valued, but it must be directed. It is not merely the providence of the individual. It is part of the wealth of the nation.

Unlike unfree nations where people’s lives are simply catalogued and directed, where individual talent is rarely utilized, where stature in society is based upon family lineage or regional needs alone, in the free nations the individual is valued, and their skills and their wisdom are cultivated because this wisdom and skill are needed for the stability and well-being of the world. They are sent to serve where they can be of the greatest benefit. But it is based upon the need of the whole, not merely the desires of the individual.”

“There are two kinds of freedom. There is practical freedom to live your life without overdue restraint or domination, practical freedom to live with stability and security, without the constant threat of war or overbearing corruption. This is the foundational freedom, and it is so very important. It is the first things that must be established.

Then there is the greater spiritual freedom of the individual to begin their return to the Divine and to gain access to the deeper Knowledge that God has created in all individuals, in all races in the universe who are living in separation in physical reality.

This greater freedom is the calling of individuals, and it is limited by the fundamental freedoms they may have in their respective worlds and cultures. But the greater freedom is the ultimate freedom because the Power of Heaven can move through these individuals in service to others.”

“ We therefore do not bring peace, as you think of it. We bring challenge. We bring responsibility. We bring clarity. We bring wisdom. We bring strength. We bring the calling for all these things.”⁹

The New Message from God for humanity is about life beyond earth as well as on the planet, a reality we are now entering into that our previous religions have not prepared and cannot prepare us for, but this message can enrich our religious traditions and help shape them into a new future.

Many people like to quote George Orwell’s 1984 vision for humanity which carries elements of what is happening now, but we are facing something that even our great prophets, philosophers, visionaries, saints and previous messengers of God could not prepare us for. This is the next stage of humanities evolution and is nothing like the past because we have advanced to the point that other intelligent races of the universe are now interested in what we have here, for beneficial and non beneficial reasons.

We must understand there will be a New World Order whether we like it or not. The Covid 19 pandemic created an unprecedented reaction by governments around the world which has allowed a covert plan of control to take place into human living and privacy above and beyond what is normal. The people of earth, the human family, must now individually and collectively unite to ensure that the new world we are moving into is one where we retain our freedom to be sentient beings on a life sustaining, biological planet, a paradise we must guard from intruders. Our forays into space will not yield a new planetary home, we will not be able to go beyond our own solar system without creating antagonism in other regions of space. Our space programs, military, security, intelligence and police in partnership with our governments have to protect and save earth. Their priority in saving individual identities, economies, the environment and human life, is not high on their agenda as Wendell Berry so eloquently wrote.

Therefore we each have to play our part in the saving of earth, changing our behaviour and creating new ways to save our planet, nations and people. We must call government, tech and science to account and steer them from their egocentric control agendas to create and action what is necessary to save humanity and our planetary home. We must expose the hybrids that aim to subjugate humanity and are carrying out terrible atrocities to humans, children and animals. We have a war on humanity in society and there may be an actual war but it will plunder more resources from earth than we can afford. It is time for people power as I said in my previous article, it is us that must save the earth, save the freedom of humanity, speak up against tyranny and control and help shape the new world order.

We can help ourselves by awakening and strengthening the sacred fire of Knowledge within us. The Steps to Knowledge practice brings a unique experience to the individual.  With Knowledge awakened, we recognize self responsibility and greater responsibility for others with greater freedom. However this concept is vastly different to what we believe. This step from The Steps to Knowledge Continuation Training gives deeper insight:-

Step 48In The Greater Community You Will Not Be Free

“ WE PRESENT THIS PRACTICE TODAY to counteract many prevailing notions that people have that if they can escape the limitations of the world and enter into a Greater Community of Intelligent life then they will naturally be liberated and freed. This set of assumptions exists because people have associated the Greater Community with their heavenly state. They look at the stars and they say,    “ That is the heavenly abode I will be free there. In the world I am not free. But there I will be free.” And this assumption has been reinforced throughout the centuries, so people naturally think that visitors from the Greater Community will be angelic and will be enlightened and will be coming here for the sole purpose of edifying humanity, uplifting humanity and enlightening humanity.

IT IS INCREDIBLE HOW WELL ESTABLISHED these assumptions are and how people will not question them, believing in them so fervently and placing so much hope and expectation upon them. But it is our responsibility to teach you about life in the Greater Community and to prepare you for life in the Greater Community so that you will be able to distinguish your allies from your potential adversaries and be able to understand how to engage with other forces of intelligent life with wisdom and discernment. Neglecting to do this would be to deny humanity its freedom and self determination in the future.

THEREFORE, WE CANNOT NEGLECT this primary responsibility. In the Greater Community, you will not be free unless you can establish your freedom and maintain it. In the Greater Community, you will be persuaded unless you can gain Knowledge and establish a foundation for it within your life. You may ask then, “Is the Greater Community an evil place or a place without grace?” Certainly not. It is simply like your world, only far bigger and far more complicated. Therefore, it requires a greater power and a greater presence of mind. This is redeeming for you, for you need this. And the very circumstances that will require it now exist within the world.

LOOK AT THE GREATER COMMUNITY IN A SOBER MANNER. You have great friends there. You have allies. There are cultures that have achieved high levels of Knowledge, but they are not the ones travelling all over the universe interfering with other races. You have much to learn about the Greater Community and today we take another step in that direction.

BEYOND YOUR PRACTICE IN STILLNESS and your hourly remembrances of awareness and discernment, consider this idea today – not with fear, not with hope, but with the power of Knowledge.”

Summing up this article and the whole series, our religious and spiritual practices are extremely important and must unite with realization that they are all pathways to the one Sacred place, our true freedom. No one path is better but Knowledge is within them all because it is within each of us and in everything.

Whatever fights, challenges, battle’s we undertake in the name of freedom for our society, nations and the world, God is with us through Knowledge. The outcome of our freedom depends on us awakening to freedom in unity as one human race, not division and further separation with enforced control and subjugation. We must go forward with the balance of freedom uppermost in our minds and hearts in order to bring harmonious living to a global human family and the planet we call home. We want a new life and in “ The Journey to a New Life” from Marshall Vian Summers the Messenger, we can read what that means.

Let me finish with reference to a wonderful Scottish Singer Dougie Maclean who has two songs which musically brings all I have said to life:- When The People Speak and All Together . Please enjoy the depth in the lyrics and think on what freedom really means as a human on earth, in our nations, societies and individually.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope this Earths Crisis and Evolution Series has helped some way into understanding where we are in our world and what each of us must do to secure our future as a human family.

Nasi Novare Coram (The Teachers of God are with us)


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All books, audios, cd’s, eBooks by Marshall Vian Summers can be bought through the New Knowledge Library, Amazon and most good book suppliers.

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