Step 54 – The Fire of Knowledge is Burning Within Me Now

” WHAT IS THE FIRE OF KNOWLEDGE but Knowledge moving within you? This is a fervent awareness of something that needs your attention, an area perhaps where you need to take action or something that needs to be comprehended – something that cannot wait, something that cannot be put aside or delegated to some lower priority. This awareness does not come from your personal mind. It comes from Knowledge. Something needs your attention, and it is being missed. It is flagging you down, calling you to stop. It is burning within you – an awareness, a power. And it can carry with it urgency. This is fine. Life can be very urgent at times. This is normal.

TODAY CONSIDER IN YOUR LIFE when you have felt this kind of urgency. It was not compulsion. It was not fear. It was not some petty thing, but something important. And if you attended to it, you realized that it really was important even if it had to do with a relatively minor matter.Then think of the Fire of Knowledge in greater things, a greater thing that creates passion within you to contribute, to give to people or to educate people in some specific area of life. This fire is important. It is purifying. It will consume other distractions. It will consume weakness. And it will consume the social conditioning that limits you and prevents you from responding.

TODAY IN YOUR PRACTICE IN STILLNESS see if that fire lives anywhere within you. See if you are passionate about anything, if anything feels urgent or essential in your life – something that cannot wait, the thing you must do before you die, the things that must be done and that you must do. In stillness, listen. Watch. Feel. Let the body be an instrument of Knowledge now. Practice upon the hour and consider the meaning of this lesson throughout the day.

THIS FIRE IS WHAT GIVES YOU VITALITY, creates life force within you and gives you the energy, the commitment and the enthusiasm to carry out greater things in life. See how it is missing in so many people. See how their light is dim or has even died out. Determine that this will not happen to you, that you will build and keep the fire going, for this is the fire of light, the fire that does not burn but that consumes all that is false and unreal. You need this fire. It is the source of your vitality. It is the power that will move you forward. “

From “The Steps to Knowledge Continuation Training” 

 This sums up the aim of this website and it’s message.

The Steps to Knowledge spiritual study can be found here

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