Earth’s Crisis and Evolution Series – Part 4 Science, Medicine & Technological Influence on an Evolving Planet

50% of my working life was spent in the creative media industry and I hold a deep respect for the imagination and ingenuity of the human species. To witness the sacred relationship within each human through artistic expression is deeply moving and awesome. It is one of the most profound ways of understanding the beauty which comes from the sacred through humanity. This ingenuity is not just artistic expression in the creative arts, but in all of humanity’s endeavours in the sciences, technology, commercial enterprise, architecture, engineering and the healing professions. It is this creativity born of a sacred relationship which makes the human species unique above other life forms on this planet and gives us a rare position as a sentient race in the Greater Community of Intelligent life.

I grew up evolving with the tech revolution. My mother worked as a Comptometer Operator and Punch card Operator in the early days of the rise of computer data processing, and the typewriter morphed into word processors and then evolved into the computers we know today. My early years were in the music business as a musician and singer where developing the human musical art form organically was encouraged through live performance in clubs, pubs, cabaret venues, concert halls and theatres throughout the UK and the world, now technology has taken over the music industry. It was during my 20’s to 40’s when I worked with the creative media sector. This is the world of Advertising agencies, PR, Marketing and Design consultancies where human creativity produces ads for TV and Radio, designs and produces publicity/promotional material for print, creates corporate identities and back then the copywriters/typographers invented new font styles carefully setting letters and words for print. I love the creativity of people and at the height of the 1980’s to 1990’s  these places flourished with atmospheric drawing rooms buzzing with storyboards and visuals, wordsmiths crafting the written word, production departments typesetting ready for print, and personal artistic talent was nurtured.

From artists and craftspeople of ancient times, and the architects who created great structures with feats of engineering to the modern creative sector, human artistic expression has nurtured and fed communities with beauty and spirit. Sacred Art has abounded through the centuries from the higher source working through each human vehicle of expression. Creativity and ingenuity is an unequalled energy of the human spirit expressing life and driving us onwards to progress.

Of course science, tech and medicine also achieves great things, created through pioneering, ingenious and inventive thought by the famous scientists and inventors in history. From WW11 the space programme began ¹ and in 1969 I witnessed the first TV pictures of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, our space exploration already gaining momentum. Today we have learned about the vastness of our universe and the unknown still beckons. In 1975 to 2000 Bill Gates led Microsoft to the global technology giant it is today ², and in 1976 Apple Computers were born introducing the Mac that would change the world of computing in 1984.³

All those wonderful creative environments became obsolete as technology developed and people who could not adapt to the Mac or PC lost their jobs. The world of computers became the new norm with grey offices full of grey people struggling each day as they began to become slaves to machines. Now in the 21st century not only did we become enslaved to them at work, they have enslaved us in our homes. The craftsmanship and creativity of the human being locked into the power of the machine, not only do we think it is helpful, we think it does the job without us, we give our power to the machine because we think it is progress. In one respect it has brought many things that benefit us, but we have forgotten it is our human ingenuity and creativity that creates and uses the machine as a tool to serve us to bring our creations into form.

We have grown up giving our inner power to technology and think it will help us connect with each other better when it is destroying our vocabulary and ability to communicate with our human energy in each other’s company. No longer do people talk to each other with quality time, we are locked into mobile devices and miss the human energetic interaction which makes us feel good. We have become reliant on ‘Face Time’ on screen as a poor substitute for real connection. This cannot replace the actual person’s energy which we feel when we are by their side, in their company or even in an audience receiving someone’s talent; it is not ‘real’ human communication in person. By giving our power to devices and experts we have lost ourselves in the process. The lockdown has worsened this situation but many people are returning to creativity in human spiritual energy terms, singing, dancing, painting, sculpting, carving, writing books and poetry, writing songs and performing music with friends and community, drawing, cake making, craft making, gardening, cooking, doing jigsaws and playing games; for this is what humans are about.

Machines can be useful in their right context and right place, however keeping them in their right place is becoming a major problem with data surveillance and privacy invasion ever more evident encompassing the health and medicine sector as well as general commerce and government.

In my 40’s and 50’s I became a complementary medicine practitioner after witnessing successive generations of ill health mismanaged by medicine within my own family, as well as friends and colleagues and my own health issues not being properly managed by the medical profession. I turned to Nutrition and turned my life around, then trained in healing with Bach Flower Counselling and Light and Sound Energy healing, which took me back to singing, eventually fulfilling my personal dream to write my own songs and produce an album with a highly respected music engineer and producer. I began the journey to find my creative and sacred self again. This part of my career allowed me to work with some very enlightened doctors where I was able to put medicine and healing into perspective and observe the merits of scientific medical intervention and natural healing of the body. Medicine has a very intricate history⁴ because it has grown from the natural healing arts carried out in many different cultures and advanced with the pressure of scientific reasoning and discovery leading to our modern model of medicine. Now we have shifted to the extreme where evidence based medicine ignores the natural sacred energetics of our bodies in the process of healing.

I trained in Natural Nutrition with the way of Hippocrates (pronounced Hippokratis in Greek) based on the foundation of “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. Now I question and research anything involved with health, healing and medicine until I am sure from my inner knowing that I am following the correct course for my body. Our modern agro chemical technological farming has led to contaminated food which is no longer healing but disease causing, and organic food is a return to healthy food and medicine for the body. This does not mean medicine is not needed and I have not cured myself, but I manage my conditions with as few drugs as possible, no vaccinations and a healthy diet and I helped many other people have a better quality of life with their own health issues. It was a medical consultant who said to me “Keep off the drugs for as long as you can, once you start there is no going back”.  Advice which I have followed all my life because the greatest misunderstanding of healing is that it ‘cures’ and medicine today preys on the fear of people wanting to be cured. Healing is the restoration of the body to its homeostatic balance so that it can allow the body’s own healing mechanisms to function and those mechanisms may not be cures but will give a deeper understanding of the unique life journey of that person and what their illness is teaching them in relation to their sacred relationship on earth. Medicine can assist this journey or suppress it and cause damage because it tries to treat each of us the same but individual physiology is unique. We are all biological beings – electrical, chemical, electro-magnetic, nuclear, light and sound but we are also sacred creations in a symbiotic relationship with our planet holding a unique purpose with a unique vibration. Therefore illness can be part of our destiny, for example to teach us to be compassionate towards others or it may come about when we are not in harmony with our internal and external environments. See part 6 of my Divine Love as Knowing Series.

Progress in the medical world has mainly come from biological, mineral and chemical sources using isolated compounds of natural substances in order to create drugs and vaccines. In addition scientific advances in technology have created diagnostic systems and replacement body parts, using computers for diagnostic and treatment use, along with sharing information across scientific circles to help the profession as a whole. However sadly experiments on animals and humans lie at the core of medical progress and gruesome undertakings have been ignored in this pursuit of ‘the cure’ fuelled by humanities fear of suffering and dying, coupled with the ego’s of scientists and pharmaceutical giants who want their names preserved on the roll of honours for human scientific achievement. The initial good in medicine, space exploration and technology is rapidly moving towards the abuse of humanity where the great progress over the last 80 years is being manipulated by those who have brought us these advances. Now it is time to question what is being told to us.

Today we have many organisations, professional doctors, scientists and technology professionals speaking out against the establishment.⁵ Our lives have fallen into the  influence of mainstream thought meaning that everyone who speaks out are labelled conspiracy theorists yet suppression and censorship is increasing worldwide which makes one ask “are we now in the conspiracy?”

Distraction, confusion, division and violence are everyday threats as the human race fails to listen to inner knowing, the part of us where our hearts and minds speak up because we question and where our actions bring change. Some technology and advances in science will be needed to find new ways to help navigate these turbulent times, fighting for freedom of speech and action, for freedom to choose what is done to our bodies, and to help us manage the climate crisis for our future survival. The world’s governments and medics are in crisis with the diversion of the pandemic whilst quietly, unnervingly, the space and technology agenda gains control of humanity through our fear. Whilst some technology is good, once we relinquish our total authority to it and science we lose the very fabric of our existence as human beings because machines and robots will destroy the highly spiritual natural sentient beings we are. Machines have no spirit or sentience they are mechanical automatons and if we allow Artificial intelligence to change that dynamic and make machines which can think, we lose the human race as we know it.

Many people believe science and technology will save us rather than our own humanity, already they have given their power away. Both deplete natural resources from the earth as well and can be used as control mechanisms to ultimately enslave humanity. It is human spirits united together in people power that will save humanity using the strength of inner Knowledge within which calls us to purpose.

As I write the 5g deployment is launching tiny satellites into the ionosphere (the electrical field of our planet) so many that they will blot out the stars at night whilst the placement of the towers needed to communicate this technology is destroying forests and wildlife as well as affecting the human electrical system.⁶ EMF illness, ME/CFS and many other nervous and auto immune disorders are still not being addressed as technology diseases by our ‘advanced medical system’ and SMART technology emits frequencies into the human body that will assist the control and suppression of the human spirit. Our bodies sophisticated energy system uses electrical frequencies, light and sound to receive and transmit in our sacred relationship with God. Yet the great virus fear has arrived and to further this control agenda and electrical bombardment, a receptor is being injected into every human being via the Covid vaccine. For the first time a natural substance vaccine is not being used but a biological agent which will change our DNA with a synthetic Messenger RNA affecting cell codes and gene messages in our body, it is even called an operating system by Moderna ⁷ also using toxic synthetic substances that the body cannot process which will cause the body’s immune system to create an auto immune response disease. Ingredients such as mercury and aluminium usually used in vaccines allow our bodies to receive electronic communications from external sources and affect the brains natural frequencies.

It is possible that the intervention which is highly sophisticated in the use of telepathy and able to influence those in power in the scientific, technology and medical worlds, have manipulated thoughts in order to create the outcomes they require to control and enslave humanity. 5g, the Covid vaccine, data surveillance, health data capture and horrifically – organ harvesting⁸ for resource acquisition of blood plasma and body parts to create medicines and new life forms,⁹  are within the big picture of human atrocities yet to be fully exposed, people will have to face this along with the climate crisis.

The telepathic skill of the intervention means they can also project images into our minds to fulfil our desires, fantasies and dreams. It is pacifying human beings especially in the spiritual and religious arena, where those wanting religious and spiritual guides to protect them will receive visions and dreams which they will believe and not know if they are real. This is more than our own psychic abilities, the intervention is manipulating the mental collective and individual consciousness and we are seeing an elevation of mental health issues, not just caused by lockdown, but by the society we have created from our own thoughts and actions, and the influences we are being subjected to in the collective mind which alienate how humanity lives and functions. The hi-tech, space, medical world is destroying its own race of creator beings and our minds are vulnerable to every thought of every individual in the world, therefore we are open to the results of manipulated consciousness especially from these sectors.

If we are to save earth and humanity, we must become aware of what we think and we must question if those thoughts are our own.  We must question what we are being told and find out for ourselves. We must be open to the thoughts of others who are speaking against the status quo and risking their lives in the process when authorities seek to silence them. We are in a fight for the survival of the human race and the war is on humanity itself, where will we place our faith and trust?

We are our own saviours given the gift of Knowledge within, God’s direction within, to protect and direct us. It urges us to question everything that is influencing humanity by not acquiescing to all we are told but discerning truth from manipulation. It is about returning the freedom and power of truth back within each of us and holding our inner spirit to see us through adversity. The intervention will win if we do not reclaim our sovereignty and we have been given a great warning from our Allies in the Greater Universe and from God’s Knowledge within us. It is up to us to save ourselves from this onslaught to protect our sentience and planet for our children and their children. The children of today have never known a world without this level of scientific technology. Schools now run with technology, children must have a computer; they want a mobile phone and tablet and young adults do not know how to work easily without the use of a laptop, pc or Mac. They have become locked into social media and the belief that on screen life is communication. It has benefits at times in context. Yet the intervention’s sophisticated way of communicating is also within us if we don’t lock it down and we remember we are spiritual beings with enormous ability to communicate through God’s energy forces in the mental environment.

Nature provides our inherent sentient communication through the natural world and nurtures our creative spirit and mental health. Sadly children are no longer able to play safely outdoors whilst adults are too busy to walk in a wood, walk on a beach, walk in a park and be in the garden with nature. All the natural places that generations spent time in for peace and playtime have become holiday moments or specific projects in nature. We have moved further and further away to the point that conservation charities and climate campaigners are stressing nature for our wellbeing and mental health because we have lost the connection and become slaves to screens, machines and devices, having raped the land and oceans for our busy lives of consumerism. Whilst my generation never had this entire technological world, we had richness of spirit and a deep connection with who we are in relation to our planet. We communicated as beings through all our senses and unseen energies instinctively knowing. I loved rambles with my grandfather, fishing for sticklebacks in little streams and rivers, seeing and naming wild flowers, butterflies, bees, insects; wild birds and ducks, and walking in all kinds of weather. Growing seeds and getting dirty in the soil and woodland walks. Creative times making cards or something arty, reading stories and poems, playing a musical instrument, all the things where imagination and creativity could flow.

Technology cannot give us these enriching experiences; it closes us off from nature. Those experiences give us connection to something greater, something in our sacred energy which links us with earth and God. We cannot survive without our planetary home as a living, breathing, creative and sacred being. A severely compromised earth with all her life forms is the future we face if we do not regulate and balance the scientific, technological and medical advances now taking control of everything including our human spiritual bodies.

We are destined to evolve but it is HOW we evolve that will be the crucial factor to our freedom and sovereignty as human beings on planet earth. New technology will be needed for this brave new world and our space programmes must alter to work for life on earth. There is no new planet for us to colonise and destroy as we have done with earth, we must look after what we have been given, regenerate our planet to sustain its life forms and protect us from future interventions. The role of science and technology is to respect the sacredness of all life, and balance how we live in harmony with our beautiful planet in a greater universe of sterile worlds.

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