Earth’s Crisis and Evolution Series -Part 3 The Space Mystery, Intelligent Life – The Allies of Humanity And The Intervention

“THE GREATER COMMUNITY is a community of worlds. Yet the Greater Religion, if we may call it that; is established to serve beyond the tradition of individual worlds, for this is the realm of greater Knowledge. The Plan of God is not a Plan only for Christians or Buddhists or Muslims. It is a Plan for humans and non-humans. Within this context, your world’s religions can have a new meaning and receive a new appreciation.” Secret 218 – Secrets of Heaven – Mystery Teachings of the Angels – Marshall Vian Summers

I open with this Secret of Heaven because we are in a new time for humanity where our religions must elevate the understanding of the greater universe within their traditions. This is why The New Message of God has been sent to humanity. Let’s begin very briefly with how we have viewed science, religion and the subject of space, because it is a huge subject which can be researched further for more specifics and depth.

In a nutshell, since religion began and natural sciences supported the understanding of a greater universe that was sacred, there has been a shift in modern science to separate this natural connection of Knowing within humanity from the sacred or Godhead, the source of all life.

We have had Richard Dawkins try to prove there is no God, and failed. We have science accelerating technology to the point where we have lost our connection to the natural world, and we have space missions which have opened our understanding of a greater universe but seek to prove only “what can be seen” and sadly is incomplete in supporting the “unseen Knowing” of God’s intelligence within sentient beings and within the greater universe.

Therefore at one level humanity has been led to understand that there is no life in the universe (at least physical beings that we can see) and no God because we haven’t found or seen it. However in the field of metaphysics and religion together there is some explanation of our unseen connection to sacred Knowledge within the cosmos more clearly. Professor Seyyed Hussein Nasr in his book Knowledge and the Sacred demonstrates the ‘Cosmos as Theophany’ and the cosmos as a book, beginning with reference to sacred Knowledge and science:-

“Although the goal of sacred knowledge is the knowledge of the Sacred as such, that is, of that Reality which lies beyond all cosmic manifestation, there is always that stage of the gathering of the scattered leaves of the book of the universe, to paraphrase Dante, before journeying beyond it. The cosmos plays a positive role in certain types of spirituality that any integral tradition must account for and include in its total perspective, which is not to say that the adept of every kind of spiritual path need study the pages of the cosmic book. But precisely because the cosmos is a book containing a primordial revelation of utmost significance and man a being whose essential, constitutive elements are reflected upon the cosmic mirror and who possesses a profound inner nexus with the cosmic ambience around him, sacred knowledge must also include a knowledge of the cosmos which is not simply an empirical knowledge of nature nor even just a sensibility toward the beauties of nature, no matter how noble this sensibility of the kind expressed by so many English Romantic poets might be.” He continues:-

“In the traditional world there is a science of the cosmos—in fact many sciences of the cosmos or cosmological sciences which study various natural and cosmic domains ranging from the stars to minerals, but from the point of view of metaphysical principles. All traditional cosmology is in fact the fruit of the applications of metaphysical principles to different domains of cosmic reality by an intelligence which is itself still wed to the Intellect and has not completely surrendered to sensorial impressions. Such sciences also do deal with the natural world and have produced knowledge of that world which is “scientific” according to the current understanding of this term, but not only scientific. Even in these instances, however, the aim of such traditional sciences has been not to produce knowledge of a particular order of reality in a closed system, and cut off from other orders of reality and domains of knowledge, but a knowledge which relates the domain in question to higher orders of reality as that knowledge itself is related to higher orders of knowledge. There is such a thing as traditional science distinct from modern science dealing with the same realms and domains of nature which are treated in the sciences today. Yet these traditional sciences, although of much importance in understanding the rise of modern science, which in many cases employed their outward content without comprehending or accepting their world view, have a significance wholly other than the modern sciences of nature.

The traditional sciences of the cosmos make use of the language of symbolism. They claim to expound a science and not a sentiment or poetic image of the domain which is their concern, but a science which is expounded in the language of symbolism based on the analogy between various levels of existence. In fact, although there are numerous cosmological sciences, sometimes even several dealing with the same realm and within a single tradition, one can speak of a cosmologia perennis which they reflect in various languages of form and symbol, a cosmologia perennis which, in one sense, is the application and, in another, the complement of the sophia perennis which is concerned essentially with metaphysics.”

Nasr demonstrates that the sacred, the cosmos, and humanity are not separate and science is incomplete in that it fails to recognise sensorial impressions which confirm sacred Knowledge within us i.e. symbols and language of a sacred source as well as revelation in all our religions. Those religions must also take into account this greater cosmology within their teachings.

On another level Ufologists who have spawned the idea of visitation and contact of alien races in our world have been disbelieved and ridiculed for their inner Knowing. It may not be religious in our theological sense, but it contains an element of truth above all else and it is truth we seek in the mysterious journey we travel with the sacred Knowledge within and around us.

Humans have entered the 21st century with a poverty of spirit which continues to be suppressed by science. Yet this same science Knows of alien races and greater life in the universe but keeps it secret. Our trust has been manipulated because alien contact, sightings and experiences have been confirmed by those who have dared to speak up and much can be researched about this including the admission of aliens on earth by NASA. There are also many accounts around the world of alien abduction on humans and animals. Many people have come to talk to New Message representatives at UFO conferences who have been so relieved to be ‘heard and believed’ and to have the understanding the New Message brings because our world is not listening to their truth.

Are our religions open to this truth? Are our religious leaders able to embrace the need to serve their followers and help them with this truth? There is a naivety of thought that aliens are going to help us, like angels, to become better human beings and a failure to use common sense that there can be an alternative agenda for visitations and contact, just as we have witnessed in human history from invaders and conquerors of native human races and nations.

We must consider too that all intelligent life forms are also a part of God within a Greater Universe. Humanity is not an isolated race especially favored by God, but one of many races in a vast universe we still know very little about. However we are rare in that our rich spiritual heritage is still alive within us.

Science has opened our eyes to see beyond our world and the sky which the ancients thought was heaven. However heaven is looking much further away as we now learn about a larger community of life beyond earth, a greater cosmos and hierarchy, different races of beings who are not angels and why intervention is very real on our planet. It is this set of circumstances which has led to The New Message from God being revealed for our times to help humanity prepare for the transition into this Greater Community.

With The Allies of Humanity Briefings 1 – 4, Marshall Vian Summers becomes the first major figure to sound a clear warning about the real nature of the extraterrestrial intervention now occurring in the world, calling for personal responsibility, preparation and collective awareness. His seminal work Life in the Universe, presents the full scope of his revelation about the nature of life and spirituality across this large panorama in which we live called ‘The Greater Community’. He has devoted his life to receiving these revelations and is committed to sharing them with humanity at a pivotal point in our evolution.

We are in a time of revelation again when our religions must see an expansion of their own cosmology in order to survive spiritually as we enter a new world reality.

Reed Summers, Marshall’s son explains this very clearly in an interview with in 2018

In this video Rachel in the UK talks about her alien experience from being a child which is still ongoing as a grown woman

Rachel’s experience is one of thousands that are happening to human beings. We are fascinated about space, about alien life, where we come from, why we are here and the reality is being ignored. Religion talks of ‘the mystery’ the mystery of Gods Knowing within us and around us. That mystery is being revealed little by little over millenia through successive revelation but still is so vast we can never fully know it until we return to the source of all life from separation.

Our journey is long and we are moving into another stage of that journey as sacred Knowledge now becomes more real for all of humanity, not just the chosen few. We experience Knowledge, it is not intellectual and it does not come on demand, we must come to Knowledge as all sacred teachings tell us to do so.

Professor Nasr’s teaching’s in Knowledge and the Sacred gives a most comprehensive theological and deep explanation of sacred Knowledge. However Marshall Vian Summers teachings in The New Message From God together with The Allies of Humanity Briefings brings us right into the 21st century with practical insights to further empower all the religious traditions of the world and help individuals strengthen their sacred Knowledge connection with the source of all life – God. The Steps to Knowledge is the sacred study from this message.

Humanity is in crisis now, we have climate change that cannot be stopped, we have an alien agenda in our midst and the pandemic is the first of what we call the Great Waves of Change with so much more to come. We are a planet in evolution as well as a race. Humanity is under siege and the chaos and division of our world right now will play into the powers greater than us who seek control unless we wake up and unite. Everything we are is to be suppressed in this new world including our spirituality. This can already be seen as more and more accounts of religious suppression come into our awareness. Together with the technology which is set to take us over, we can only be free to pray and free to be a sovereign race on our planet if we stop calling everything conspiracy theory, open our ears, eyes and hearts and wake up to the truth of humanity evolving in space.

We are now entering the greatest evolutionary threshold of humanity there has ever been. Not one civilization ending or one species becoming extinct, it is the whole of life on our planet at risk now and the most threatened is the human race. YET WE have the power to save all life on our planet and ourselves. WE must keep our spirituality alive, and truly become guardians of our planet in a Greater Community of Intelligent life. Knowledge is our secret strength because those races in the universe which are technology led do not understand our spirituality therefore we must take a balanced view of which technology is actually good for us, what we actually need and what is harmful. This will be the next chapter of this series. Awakening Sacred Knowledge within is the way to deal with what lies before us. Only Knowledge can protect us now. I pray that those reading this will hear, see, Know and act for the future of humanity and earth and end with a Secret of Heaven:-

 “YOU ARE TO BE DISCOVERED, MY CHILDREN, by forces that you have never encountered in this life. If you are to understand them, it must be from Knowledge, not human speculation. If you are to foresee them and understand their intent, it must be from Knowledge. We have established this Teaching for one purpose – to bring people into contact with Greater Community Spirituality and to provide a maximal opportunity to experience Knowledge, particularly at this time.”

Secret 219 – Secrets of Heaven – Mystery Teachings of the Angels, Marshall Vian Summers

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