Earths Crisis & Evolution Series – Part 2 Understanding Earth’s Environment in a Greater Universe

In the 1960’s when the peace and love movement mushroomed and the use of drugs allowed human consciousness to expand, caring for the earth took on greater importance. Today with or without the use of hallucinogens consciousness is continuing to evolve in human beings along with the planets evolution into a greater universe. Many environmentalists have battled a long time, some against all odds to have their voices heard for what needs to be done and now we face Earth and Humanity in crisis. We really have only this decade to put the systems in place which will support the future of humanity and all life on earth.

Jonathon Porritt CBE, a major environmental campaigner for the last 50 years, reinforces this in his new work Hope in Hell.

Sir David Attenborough, world renowned broadcaster and natural historian sums up his work and fears for the planet in David Attenborough – A Life on Our Planet

It was Charles Darwin (12 February 1809 – 19 April 1882) who laid the foundation for what we understand about evolution in our biological world. He was an English naturalist, geologist and biologist and his proposition that all species of life descended over time from common ancestors is now widely accepted, and considered a foundational concept in science. Yet we must also understand that planets evolve too and reach into the unknown with more than a purely human perspective. There is much we do not know and we should humbly consider the mystery of our greater universe.

In this 2nd part of the Earths Crisis and Evolution Series the focus is on the environmental issues we face as a planet and where our planet fits into a greater environment, that of our physical universe. Space will be discussed in part 3 of the series but there is a connection with what is happening in our environment. Whilst the biggest threat to our planet is from humanity’s consumerism for a population now expected to reach 10 billion by 2050, there is also a hidden agenda from those who seek to control humanity from space. How we manage our environment on earth and in space is key to removing this threat.

Science has helped us understand how we came to be the human creatures we are today and the influences of biological diversity in that evolution. However evolution does not stop and as we are destined to progress we do so in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms of our being. Today we are evolving our mental and spiritual consciousness with the realization of how we have affected this living organism we call home; the planet we live on designed to sustain our life and where we are meant to be guardians of all life upon it.

The level of destruction we have caused has tipped the balance of this life sustaining organism and we are reaping the harvest of our destructive tendencies. The saviour of our planet and humanity is ourselves through the Knowledge within our consciousness combined with the ability to adapt, rescue and nurture what we can before it is too late. The result of our destruction will bring violent climate change which cannot be stopped and there will be the release of deadly organisms, hidden for millennia in our rich biodiversity.  We have faced the first wave of this world threat with a pandemic which created a global situation never before seen and the arrival of the beginnings of control and subjugation for the human race. There is so much more to come that humanity is not prepared for.

Before the pandemic of Covid 19 humans were just about coming to terms with the climate crisis believing we only had that to deal with. However the brave new world is descending upon us with dangerous challenges and consequences. Whilst all of our scientists and environmentalists have been telling us we need to make change, the truth is the climate crisis cannot be stopped, we have gone too far and natural disasters, rising temperatures and sea levels will be our challenge in the next decade. There are so many actions individuals, organisations and governments must take to prepare and help the world we face in decline. All the talk of growth is now irrelevant, we must stabilize and become resourceful because the resources we rely on are diminishing faster than we can replace them. We must heal the damage we have caused. There have been many warnings and The New Message From God brings great clarity for what lies ahead:-

“There are Great Waves of change coming to the world. They will be unlike anything humanity as a whole has ever had to face before. They are largely the consequence of humanity’s misuse and overuse of the world and its resources. But they also represent a real threshold, an evolutionary threshold that humanity has reached, particularly regarding its encounter with intelligent life from beyond the world. It will be a time when a great decision must be made as to whether humanity will unite and cooperate to share and manage the resources of the world or whether it will fight and compete, propelling humanity into a state of constant conflict and permanent decline.

It is a great threshold for individuals as well, whether they will fight and struggle to preserve what they have or whether they will unite with others to share and manage the resources that are available and take responsibility for providing for those who will not have the basic necessities of life. This is a practical, physical threshold, and it is a moral and ethical threshold.

It is likely that humanity will undertake both of these options until a greater decision can be made and formulated. It is certain that many things will fail. Communities and even certain nations may collapse. It is certain that many people will have to migrate, and there will be a great shift in the order and function of civilization”.

“The nature of this great series of changes is being greatly underestimated. People are regarding it as just one of many problems that humanity must face, and they have great confidence that political and technological innovation will take care of the situation or that economic forces will create the necessary adjustments. These assumptions give warning that humanity is underestimating the power of the Great Waves of change.

The fact is that very few people are even aware of the extraterrestrial presence in the world, and even amongst them, very few recognize it as an intervention, as a danger and a hazard for humanity. What this means is that not enough people are aware of the reality of the Great Waves of change and the great impact it will have upon the human family and the future of humanity in this world.” ¹

You will see we are not only facing climate crisis, but something normally considered ‘conspiracy theory’, the intervention of forces on our planet from space, physical beings here to take control of humanity because our biological diversity is precious in a universe of sterile planets. These are planets where races have outstripped their own resources just as we are doing and must now compete and trade for resources in their immediate universe to survive. This is not unknown to us here on earth where nations have needed to go further into other nations and trade in order to get what they need. Our many space missions have brought back similar information on the barren planets in our universe, and astronauts have referred to Earth as a jewel in this universe with many other inspiring quotes here , especially an article with French astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

We have great resources because of our biological diversity, seen from space as the blue and green planet. Every living thing on earth is interrelated, interconnected and interdependent in the web of life we live and breathe in. Earth’s destruction fuelled by our consumerism is the destruction of our self. To save ourselves we have to save everything on earth that sustains our humanity and our environment which is both internal and external (see Part 6 – Divine Love as Knowing Series), it is life within us and without. Earth is a paradise planet which God gave us to sustain living here and we must show gratitude by being guardians of this beautiful planet because our life here is unique on a jewel in a greater universe.

So what are we facing? Here is an overview from The Great Waves Prophecy:-

“The question will surely arise: What can you expect regarding the Great Waves of change?

Specifically, what will take place will be determined in part by humanity’s ability to respond and to prepare. What will take place is that the world will become warmer, producing greater loss of food production and great scarcity of water resources in many places in the world while there will be tremendous flooding in other places. Energy resources will diminish, creating economic upheaval and in some places even collapse.

Everything will become immensely expensive. There will be great competition and a great risk of conflict and war over gaining access to the remaining resources. Certain regions will be devastated. Others will be impaired. Many industries will fail. There will be many people out of work.

There will be the risk of great starvation in many parts of the world, even in parts of the wealthy nations. There will have to be ever-increasing international agreements. Food will have to be distributed where it is needed most. There will be great shortages of medicines and medical care, even in the wealthy nations. There will be tremendously destructive weather events.

The risk of war itself will produce conflict on a scale never seen before in this world. If this conflict can be prevented or minimized, it will make an immense difference in the outcome for humanity. But a certain degree of conflict will arise, particularly in the poorer nations, within them and between them. And there is a great risk that other nations, now desperate for resources, will enter into conflict with one another.

Governments will have to become more controlling, minimizing human freedom, even in the freest nations. It will be an emergency that will continue. Many people will struggle against this. There will be much human tragedy and much human bravery and courage.

Large areas of the world that are now highly inhabited will become uninhabitable, as it will be impossible to grow food there due to lack of water. There will be immense migrations of people away from such areas and away from areas of conflict. There will be environmental refugees, and there will be war refugees on a scale never seen before.

There will be a great risk of pandemic illness that will arise out of deteriorating conditions, particularly in large urban areas. Many people may perish. It will be an immense and traumatic set of events.

Yet in the midst of this, there will be great human ingenuity. Technology must develop new pathways of providing energy to people, mostly through forms of electricity. There will have to be immense efficiency and the uniting of resources within nations and in many cases between nations.

Yet even the best human efforts will not prevent the massive change and disruptions that will occur. But human ingenuity and human cooperation will determine whether humanity will have a future and whether human civilization can survive and can build a new foundation of unity and cooperation.” ²

What lies before us is a Herculean task but it is one we can rise to if we take self responsibility and we learn to discern even amongst what the experts tell us. Within us we Know what to do and we have to listen to that. There will be violence and there will be more suffering but we have to go through all this in order to evolve, to grow up, to save our planet, to save ourselves. There is no miracle from God to pluck us from this because the miracle is Gods Knowledge within us and there is no other planet to run away to. We are looking at the whole of our existence on earth that must change, which means our behaviour and the way we live. It isn’t someone else’s job but a responsibility within each one of us now.

It is important to research and find out about the main areas of our lives which we must address for our future survival. All have a carbon footprint, All deplete earth’s resources, and All affect human and other life forms on our planet:-

  • WAR – depletes resources, destroys the environment, makes us vulnerable and destroys life, we cannot afford war anywhere in the world.

We have much work to do, and each of us have a role to play wherever our skills, abilities and talents can best be utilized. All of the above each needs attention and those who work in those areas are best placed to alter their course in order to save humanity and earth. The signs are in the world, the world is telling us, and each individual must awaken to See, Hear, Know and Act.

“The transition period to a new stability in the world will be long and very difficult. It is not impossible. In fact, it must happen. But do not think that it will happen in and of itself. Do not think that technology will make it possible.

The human population will have to become much smaller in the future, hopefully by human will and through compassionate means. If not, then nature will devastate the human population – nature, conflict and war.

You will have a smaller world to live in. Perhaps only a billion people could live here, maybe two, but not much more. That is with your advanced technology and your best efforts, a strong international community, tremendous cooperation and the mitigation and the limiting of conflict and war. In other words, if everything is done well and correctly, with immense human contribution, you will still have to have a small world population.

If these actions are not taken, if humanity will not and cannot prepare, if it cannot restrain its own greed, corruption and competition with one another, then the results will be far worse, so much worse that words cannot describe it – a collapse of civilization, an immense reduction of the human population, further devastating the world and depleting its resources” ³

We face a no turning back; no hiding situation, and we are all in this together. Every day counts now in changing how we live and work, caring for our inner and outer environment and protecting humanity from the exploitation of intelligent life from the universe which is already on our planet and has been for decades.

There are many environmental charities beginning to work together with greater unity to help climate issue awareness and action. The Climate Coalition is one such organisation but more must come together to lead the way.

The way forward is together and our spiritual strength and freedom will be needed more than ever to see us through. God/the Sacred has given us the inner wisdom of Knowledge to guide us and strengthen us, it is the greatest gift we could receive to help us in a time of crisis. It is up to us to awaken and receive this lifeline in whatever tradition and religion we believe in, because it is there to protect and guide us through the greatest challenge we face as a race of beings.

Marshall Vian Summers gives great clarity of information and detail for the bigger picture in one place. There are individuals such as Jonathan Porritt and other sources offering insights, but The Great Waves of Change gives a broad detailed overview of what we face combined with the message of hope in Knowledge to give us strength to navigate this crisis. It also gives a practical study to look at how we live individually, how we can prepare and how to make changes in our lives to support us through this evolutionary threshold.

Now more than ever it is time to get to know our planet and ourselves. Look and act on how we can restore and protect the jewel that is our home, and consider what it means to face planetary evolution into our immediate universe, the greater environment which we must now become aware of.

¹ Chapter 13– A new Message of Hope page 177

² and ³ Chapter 9 – The Great Waves Prophecy page 123/124 and page 126/127

The Great Waves of Change – Navigating the Difficult Times Ahead by Marshall Vian Summers

Earth’s Crisis and Evolution Series – Introduction – links to the whole series

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