Knowledge – The New Message from God and why it is important to hear and receive this great Revelation!

If someone had said to me a few years ago I would be studying a whole new revelation for the world which comes through what would be generally understood as a “channeled source”, I would have told them “NO WAY” in no uncertain terms because most channeled information I have experienced is tainted by the channels own thoughts and belief systems and leaves me totally cold.

Yet one day I was seeking something that nothing else in the world was giving me and miraculously within 24 hours of asking God, I found The New Message from God and the prophetic teacher Marshall Vian Summers with a pure and profound depth of revelation never before received in such magnitude. Not only does he teach about inner knowing from where I understood it, but he gives incredible realizations that KNOWLEDGE is the greater intelligence of God within us and buried in all religions.

As I felt the love and light movement in spiritual circles was not deep enough for me and I did not feel aligned to any particular religion, I KNEW there was something else and I didn’t understand what it was until I found these teachings and The Steps to Knowledge study to help me understand what is happening in the world and beyond the world more realistically; to comprehend our position in the universe and the nature of God and God’s hierarchy without the limitations of traditional religious belief.

I have been studying over 3 years now and gaining tremendous inner strength, simplifying my life with preparation for the great change that our world is going through. All of our religions have been building blocks throughout the evolution of humanity and today we have a new one – The New Message from God. However this time it is not a new religion, it is the greatest revelation ever given to humanity at a time when humanity is facing the greatest threat to its existence since humans walked the earth. It has come for the INDIVIDUAL because what we face requires every individual to answer a call to purpose and destiny in order to help humanity survive and hold our sovereignty as a free race on Earth.

Time is short, we have already destroyed much of  Earth’s environment, the beautiful home God gave us, and we are still fighting one another wasting our energy and resources in division rather than pulling together to unite our world as one human race with a spiritual richness that is rare in the greater universe.

There is no miracle from God that will save humanity because the miracle is in humanity itself awakening to answer Gods call to serve each other, to protect each other, and to protect our planet. The holy spirit that moves us is the gift of Knowledge we possess within. Gods intelligence within us is the answer given to us to sort the world’s problems ourselves. I would like to share this quote from ‘Secret’s of Heaven’ by Marshall Vian Summers:-

THE HOLY SPIRIT IS YOUR WILL. It is the will you share with God. It is the will you share with your Family. With it comes the Plan that will redeem you, establishing your special part, the part that only you can fulfill. What God gave you is your will, for God gave you Knowledge.

We are entering what is called The Greater Community of Intelligent Life in a greater universe. Our advancements in technology and space have accelerated our evolution and awareness into this greater universe; a universe that God created and set in motion for all races of beings that chose to live in separation from God. This universe is also evolving and other planetary races have gone through what we face now. They have outstripped their own planets resources and are in competition for what can be sourced from other planets. The issues we have on earth are no different to the Greater Community but there they are magnified and whilst some races have more advanced technology, they need the resources for it to function which are scarce in their own worlds.

Therefore Earth is a great prize due to our biological diversity even though we have squandered much of it. This has been noted and studied to the point that we now have intruders on our soil who want our resources and to control us before we destroy it ourselves. Never before have we had to face this kind of intervention and the romantic idea of ET’s coming to help us is not wholly correct. There are both Allies and Forces who come for their own ends who do not understand humanity and see us as weak and divided.

The Allies, Angels and Guides that we do have in the universe do not visit our planet as physical beings, they guide and teach from beyond earth through Knowledge within the energetic system that forms our planet and bodies. Knowledge is pure and safe within us and in everything; it cannot be corrupted. This is why our solutions will come when we allow our capacity for Knowledge to deepen and strengthen within us and moves us to action and service for each other.

I called this website “Sacred Fire of Knowledge” to represent this sacred presence which directs and helps us within the core of our spiritual essence. The Sacred Fire of Knowledge is the flame in our hearts that moves us to act, and the light of Knowledge is the wisdom to Know what we must do or stand back from. We access Knowledge through stillness because it is where the presence of God is within us and it allows our mind and heart to come together to work as a team.

The revelation which Marshall Vian Summers has received comes in three main areas:

  1. The Spiritual Teachings and study of Knowledge
  2. The Climate, Economic and Political change upon us
  3. The Allies of Humanity and the danger from alien intervention

I mention the New Message and extracts of teachings through most of my articles so I felt this was a good time to give a clearer idea of what The New Message From God is about.

Whether an individual seeker, a religious leader, in Ministry or in service to humanity in any other way, there is something in The New Message from God for everyone, because Knowledge is within everyone, all we need do is acknowledge it and allow its emergence to help direct us through these unprecedented times in human evolution.

This is the answer to all our prayers around the world and why it is extremely important to honor this Messenger for our times and the new revelation with sobriety, humility and to listen to and accept the deep responsibility we all hold to navigate our way through these unchartered waters. God is giving us the answers we desperately need through these teachings but are we able to hear, answer the call and respond? Our future as a race depends on it.

Below are all the links to read further. It is a vast revelation of over 9000 sacred texts. There is also a Worldwide Community studying the revelations and Steps to Knowledge who are there to offer support and friendship for like minds. Please take the time to read about the challenges we face on earth and consider the opportunity to awaken Knowledge within by studying The Steps to Knowledge

Divine Revelation – The New Message from God – the full revelations to read free of charge and hear the voice that delivers the revelation to Marshall. There is also a Free School for selected studies throughout the year.

The New Message from God – YouTube – the official YouTube channel of teachings. There are many videos and teachings on the Worldwide Community Site that are not on YouTube.

Home – Marshall Vian Summers – The Story of Marshall and selected teachings

Great Waves of Change | A New World – Climate Change, Peak Oil, Biodiversity, Clean Water, Resource War – what the world needs to Know about the climate and environmental challenges we are facing. – the most important part of the study – profound mini teaching quotes from the Angels – The Allies story of what we are facing from space

Reed Summers – Reed is the son of Marshall and together with Patricia Summers (Marshall’s wife) they form the nucleus of The Society which is there to protect the teachings and make sure they are received in their pure form in the world. Reed has particular interest in the intervention and gives interviews on UFO media outlets. – you can buy books, eBooks and audios here and some books are available on Amazon.

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