Earth’s Crisis and Evolution Series Introduction

Covid 19 brought the world to a standstill and humanity is now wondering what is happening as governments actioned unprecedented control measures now threatening our whole way of living. Whilst we certainly face an unpredictable disease pandemic causing death and sorrow to over a million people so far, we are facing other threats in all areas of our lives and these upheavals are ongoing. Some things are welcome, some are not and we must now begin to discern closely as to what is going on and how we will move into a brave new world.

This new series presents those elements and emphasises the strength and unity needed through Knowledge as a human race to meet the greatest challenge to humanity ever. Historically civilizations have come and gone through various disasters including environmental ones, however never before has humanity faced potential total extinction and the loss of the whole ecosystem it depends upon as well as science, tech and political control threatening our freedoms.

We are facing disaster on such a huge scale that it can overwhelm us, paralyse us with fear, make us lose hope and even our belief in the sacred. Yet we do have hope, strength, love and an ability to act when the chips are down to modify the course we are heading in. Humanity has courage to adapt and move mountains when faced with extreme measures for survival to save each other.

As we move closer to this scenario I will outline what we face in the following sections with what we can do to help ourselves in a summary at the end of the series:-

Part 1: Finding Commonality in Religious and Spiritual Pathways

Part 2: Understanding Earth’s Environment in a Greater Universe

Part 3: The Space Mystery, Intelligent Life – The Allies of Humanity And The Intervention

Part 4: Science, Medicine & Technological Influence on an Evolving Planet

Part 5: Freedom, Society and the New World Government

Join me in this journey of our times with time running out for us to save our planet and all life upon it.

Published by SacredFireofKnowledge

Spiritual Teacher and Emissary of Knowledge

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