The Answer Lies Within The Self

Imagine no concept of God, no religions, no spiritual alternatives, no people, groups, books, films or videos that talk of a soul, a spirit, the Sacred and nothing beyond us to believe in and seek. What does that look and feel like? None of these answer our questions about life, our planet, the universe and what is beyond life.

Where would we go for our answers?

Who will we turn to?

How would we find an answer to our question?

The question seeks an answer and the answer creates a new question. Why do we question? Why do we seek or need an answer? What drives us?

This perpetual cycle and perpetual distraction of the mind trying to reason, to know, to understand, to have clarity, to find wisdom, to find peace from the struggle of everyday life as a human being, to have the answer. This process takes huge amounts of our energy and we go round in circles in our mind, with one conflict and another trying to answer the questions in our brain.

If we stop our brain travels for just a moment then focus into listening to our self, reflecting upon our self and actually inner speak with our self we go deeper into self, deeper into our heart centre and deeper into who we are. We enter into the experience of our own truth. A truth not influenced by another person, ideal, vision, religion, philosophy or their truth. We are in the truth of our own knowingness of self and a knowingness of our self living in a world created by self.

As we enter into self and become self we realise our connection to everything. This self realisation allows the questions to cease as we move ever deeper into understanding the answers and the beings of Divine love we are.

Arriving there is a tough challenge, a struggle with all we have identified with and attached to in this external world in order to survive in society.

We each create an identity and attach to people, places, possessions, ideals, values, morals, to form the society we live in and help us be accepted. Yet in doing so, we deny self as we follow another’s thinking, another’s ideologies, and another’s way.

This means we enter the world of confusion and conflict with the ideas of God, religion, spirituality and visions of what could be when we live together through love. We allow everyone else’s visions and experiences to have ever greater importance as they mesmerise us with the presentation of their experience via magical, mythical stories, ancient pathways and mysterious truths that distract us from our own self, our own truth and belonging. They can help clarify our own truth, but they are not our individual truth.

Essentially we are social beings who wish to live in collective peace and harmony. Within this we desire to know our beginnings, where we came from, how we came to be. In today’s world we can have 1001 ways to be told by others “the way” and many paths outside of ourselves by giving our power to those that seek to tell us “their way”, or those that discuss the teachings of others but actually never live their own truth.

Conventional science tries to destroy any notion of self truth by actively pursuing all investigations into life here and beyond us through the physical and logical pathways of fact , being measured by sight and touch. Yet we have been born with 6 senses, so this methodology is flawed.

So what is truth? What are the answers to our questions? We are individuals each sharing this journey of struggle on earth, so if we say there is no God or gods of any kind, we therefore have no religions and we have no concept of spirit, soul,a Sacred and a spiritual connection. Is there any point to our lives? Is there a question to be asked and an answer to be found, or do we live in this life without seeking to know? Do we end scientific investigation? Do we deny peoples visionary experiences? Do we deny the mystics, clairvoyants, psychics and those who claim to have had near death experiences? Do we deny those who have seen and felt the helping hands of angels, or have had encounters with extra terrestrial life forms?

Are we sheep in fear running for the exit route because we cannot cope with this life we have created? What…. is ….our… truth?

No God? Or have we created God? or has God created us? No religion to follow? Or follow one we have created? No spirituality? Or are we spiritual beings seeking to return home?

The truth lies within self.

The knowledge and wisdom lies within self.

The answer lies within self.

Another cannot answer our question, because unless we have gone deep into self, we cannot know what their truth is.

Everyone has their own opinion, an experience that is true for them and their truth may fuel their desire to share their truth, as a beacon to others to be able to find their own truth. This is a pathway, the truth within the self, the knowing of self as the individual within the whole.

It is a journey of struggle, of conflict resolution within, not an outer journey, not information from another source, not a soft romantic dream or ideal, only the deep knowledge of self reveals the answers within. We are each unique and may start with an external guidance to help us go within, however we cannot become self realised through another, and we cannot live our lives together in harmony without each of us being self realised. Self realisation brings joy of being and joy in serving one another in our daily lives with love and peace.

The answer lies within each one of us. By standing in our own truth, we come to the realisation that we no longer need to struggle, fight, or harm each other. We come to know that we are great loving beings and we share this evolutionary journey together, so that we eventually become our truth. Life, death and beyond do not need to be questioned or proven, when we know our truth.

In the past the Gods, Goddesses, Idols, religions, mysteries were created by the selves of those times. This was a time in human evolution, where selves were seeking to understand the struggles and character traits of the human life, nature and condition. They created the myriad of myths, legends, religions, Gods, Goddesses as their way of seeking to understand something greater than their human condition.

The self within us evolved with energetic, vibrational shifts so that we can find our truth of self and understand it deep within. However, we are slow to adapt to evolutionary change and still seek answers outside of ourselves. We still give our inner power to people, places, situations, objects, ideals, religions, cults, leaders, idols, so that we become controlled and conditioned to another’s truth. This distracts us from going into our own deep inner being and self.

To find truth, to find love, to find peace, to find knowledge and wisdom, the answer lies within self.

We are great beings, we can be even greater when we self realise into our own truth. Meditation technique has taught us to still our mind chatter, but that in itself is not entering into deep self. The way in through the mind and the heart together allowing nothingness to help you journey into self allows the answers within to be heard. This focus every day is a step closer into knowing our truth.

In the nothingness, answers can come however they manifest for us. There we can know the Sacred or not know the Sacred, we can release ourselves from the prison of our mind conflicts and confusion and we can become free self realised beings of truth. When we stand in our truth, nothing and no-one can shake us or deny us.

So imagine again no concept of God or the Sacred, no religions, no spiritual alternatives, no people, groups, books, films or videos that talk of a soul, a spirit, and nothing beyond us to believe in and seek. How does that now look and feel? Is this our truth?

To stand and speak our truth, and share with others, acts as a guide to show there is a way to self and truth. In actuality, there is no need to hear or believe anyone, for the answer lies….. within the self.

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Spiritual Teacher and Emissary of Knowledge

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