Love and Will

As we learn to understand Divine love as the energy which connects all of us.  It may be hard to see this clearly when we have such terrible things in the world and many may struggle to grasp the concept of love being able to change everything. As most seek the answers from a logical and reasoned mind, humankind seeks to find the answer in an external source and therefore chooses to believe or not believe in the mystery of the Sacred and even blame the Sacred. This is where the problem lies because the answer is found internally, inwardly, and deep within, where the spark of Divine Love’s source dwells within us. The journey into the Sacred requires focus and surrender of the mind to accept the energy of love fully through the heart and within our entire being.

We also have another energy within us which connects us, but can truly divide and alienate us from each other and from the Sacred. Unless it is surrendered to the Sacred within, it is the energy that causes the divide between good and evil, or what we perceive to be right and wrong, light and dark, love and fear. This is the energy we call our will. Our focus and our intent which stems from our minds wants, desires and needs expressed in the day to day life we lead. Our ideas, thoughts and intentions use our will to manifest our actions. How the intent manifests makes the difference between a loving or unloving action. Intent and will can be focused for good, for bad or for what we label evil actions.

The journey inwards to a relationship with Divine Love is there for every human being. We are creatures of will. There is our personal mind will and there is the will of the Sacred which expresses through us. The Sacred has given us ‘Freewill’ to use however we wish to. This means we hold the power to use our own will lovingly or not. We can follow the path to the true self through love and into Divine Loves embrace, or we can choose the path of rebellion against it which manifests unloving or destructive actions. Both paths create and both paths can destroy but the ways they create and destroy are different because they adopt opposite ways of being in order to reach their goal. The path of human will only is limited by our mind; the mind wills its desires into manifestation for its own purpose.  Surrendering to Divine will allows Divine Love to manifest in union with human will and express itself in natural loving ways through the cycle of creation and destruction.

Our world, societies, communities and families revolve around the battle of good and evil, the battle of will, the right and wrong, the dark and light, love and fear. Yet the dark has a great purpose because the light shines brightest through the dark and the darkness fades as the light grows brighter. This is what the darkness shows us. We look to the stars at night in amazement at their brilliance and marvel at what lies beyond us. With surrender to Divine will and Divine Love we grasp that what is beyond us, is deep within us, and the stars in the night sky mirror our own light and brilliance. As we open to the portal of love through our heart, with inner focus and surrender to Divine will, ultimately Divine loves embrace; we become that shining light, our own star. The earth is a bright shining star and yet humankind functions day to day in darkness, seeking light, seeking love, seeking to know who we are, seeking to know where we come from, and seeking to understand the mystery and why we were created along with all living things on our planet.

If we stop for one moment, breathe in the awesomeness of our own light and accept we are light beings on a star, in a galaxy, seeking the answer and the way home between good and evil; we can see we are our own ‘Star Wars’ right here on earth. The journey with good and evil, the war of darkness and light, is right inside our own being. The power of our personal will controls and manipulates the outcomes of our intentions for our own wants, needs and desires and we battle with our Divine will as we navigate our journey in life.

To fully embrace and emit our light, we have to surrender our personal will because it is how we feed that will and use that will which determines the good actions or the evil actions, being light or being darkness. Each human being is at their unique stage of spiritual development; however that appears to us on our planet.  This can be a spiritual loving leader or a horrific terrorist. It may be using energy of love and light as a healer, or wielding energy for black magic and ritual worship purposes. It may be peaceful behaviour with compassion, or contributing to war, murder, torture and abuse with no emotion. It may be political, scientific and technological use of power for better or worse. How the personal will is fed by want, desire and need dictates its manifestation.

So if a human being thrives on fear, excitement, power and control, in order to be in those energies, the intention of the will in that human being is to create something that will feed that experience. For example: The will to kill, abuse, torture or destroy feeds the experience of control, excitement and power. This may already be in the mind of the perpetrator, perhaps from something that happened to them when they were young, or from the culture and environment they were brought up in. The person rebels against authority and being love because love holds no value in their life, and the fear has grown to become focused personal will with no emotion to create a destructive and dangerous being. Unconditional love is alien to this energetic manifestation. There are varying degrees of complexity around this statement but essentially this being is the product of pure human will. The light is shining like a beacon to all of us from that dark place to show us that their way of being is not how we wish to be. Their will, is not our will unless we accept it as ours.

To break the cycle, a being must go through the trauma of release and suffering as it returns to the Divine love of the Sacred. Many who have followed the path of love have suffered at the hands of wilful beings, or have been wilful beings and love has always been present but suppressed. Trauma from whatever action releases the way for the being to focus inwards and open to the portal of Divine Love within in order to heal from the ordeal. The challenges presented from situations or people who have had to turn inwards and focus on the surrender of will to a greater source have helped them go beyond the earthly pain and discover the power of Divine Love within. They are able to offer their experiences as guidance for others seeking answers if they choose to do so.

Those already with loving lives and little trauma and challenge are in a deeper stage of development where the difficult challenge is not required, or they are able to bring their love to others in difficulty and serve the Sacred with humility and wisdom from the strength of knowing Divine love within.  To discover the truth, surrendering to Divine Will and bringing forth Divine Love with our own will in balance must be the way.  There are now so many people on the path of seeking Divine Love within, the surrender to Divine will is the next stage to move to.

In the Christian Lord’s Prayer, there is a line that says: – “Father THY WILL; be done on earth, as it is in heaven.”

Irrespective of religious beliefs if we understand that we are still journeying and seeking THY WILL ( Divine Will), the balance of love and will becomes much clearer. We haven’t acknowledged THY WILL and are not yet living THY WILL, BE DONE, on earth. In order to be THY WILL, we surrender our own will, we open to the portal of our heart, we journey inward, and we unite with the source of Divine love. Then we humbly carry out our service to THY WILL in Divine Love.  THY WILL becomes our reality of heaven on earth.

If we were already perfect in Divine love, there would be no need for us to be here and to experience life on this planet. In order for us to learn about the power of Divine Love, we choose the way of experience here on earth,  which can take us to the total opposite of love and take us on the journey back to love and the source of love.

Here we can understand Shakespeare’s immortal question – “To be or not to be?” This can be the choice of following personal will or Divine Will.

In our daily lives we hold the power of will to choose what we wish to see and experience. This great responsibility means that we must be careful with the way we use our intent and will. We must manifest mind will with love through our heart, in balance, for us to relate with each other in a peaceful, harmonious and loving world. When human beings reach the place within themselves, where the human will has surrendered to Divine Will, Divine Love is realised. We can then recreate a different experience of the world we live in.

See Prologue – Divine Love as Knowing Series for more on creation and destruction

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