Our Relationship with The Sacred

Whatever our opinions, differences and beliefs are, the sacred is greater than all of them. Irrespective of nationality and culture we are one race of human beings with a call to return to relationship with our Sacred source.

Fear and resistance to our oneness only brings division and large-scale violence. Unity for the human race comes through our relationship with the energy of the Sacred within each of us and because we are beings of energy, this unseen relationship guides us through this connection constantly. Only our limited intellect prevents us from following and honouring this guidance.

We hold deep within us a spark of the Sacred, the intelligence of inner knowing or Knowledge. More than intuition, it is the movement of spirit within that ‘Knows’ what to do, when to do and when not to do. It has no doubt, no fear and no uncertainty. It moves us when we need moving, does not hesitate when we need to speak or act and protects us through all of our life’s challenges.

Inner Knowing speaks to us through our thoughts and feelings, giving us inner strength, calm and great love and is fearless in the face of major decisions and danger. This is the experience of a relationship with the energy of the Sacred.

We gain strength, purpose and direction if we make time for daily stillness practice and prayer, which deepens our relationship with the Sacred and our inner knowing emerges within. There is a powerful daily practice called ‘The Steps to Knowledge’ which can be found here: www.stepstoknowledge.com and all stillness practice will help us allow this Knowledge to emerge and express itself.

The human species is at the threshold of its next stage of evolution as we enter a planetary and humanity crisis brought about by our abuse and misuse of the resource’s the source of all life gave us to live on planet earth. We now face changes in our daily lives on a scale we have never had to deal with before because our evolution had not reached this point. Now we face personal, world and cosmic change all at once.

Personal Challenges – Family, relationship and community issues, such as jobs, health, food, water, medicine supplies, the impact of technology and the depletion of fuel for transport and energy.

World and Society Challenges – Extreme climate change and environmental devastation, political and economic instability, war and large-scale violence, pandemic disease.

Cosmic Advancement – Space technology, travel and exploration as we enter into a potentially hostile and unknown universe, opening us to both opportunity and danger from forces we do not fully understand and are not prepared for.

Whatever our belief systems are, we are now witnessing the powerful energy that is within all of the physical universe we live in. We are now living through how a race and its planetary home evolve. This is a pivotal moment in our history, where we must heal and sustain life on our planet to survive. How will we do it?

Whether we believe in a source of creation or not. It is the Sacred energy that infuses everything to give us life, sustains life in the universe and on our planet, and sustains the life of countless races of beings beyond earth we are yet to discover. Astronauts have called us a jewel in the universe, a beautiful fertile planet amongst sterile ones and human beings are rare. Earth is a prize in the greater universe and our time is here to appreciate and guard that prize before we lose it through our own destruction and irresponsibility, or we are infiltrated by other races who appreciate the paradise we call home.

To find solutions to our evolutionary challenge, it is time to feel the Sacred relationship within us and around us. To honour and accept we are Sacred beings and humbly turn to the source of our divinity to guide us through. We cannot “see” the Sacred source as a physical being because the source is too great an energy. Humans are an adolescent race now growing into adulthood. We are energy beings in physical form with limited capacity to comprehend how great the greater power is.

Yet even as limited energy beings we are more sophisticated than our technology. It is we who create technology, it does not create us.

It is within our inner Knowing that we feel and experience, which guides us and moves us to create and co create. This is how the Sacred works through us to guide our thoughts and actions so that WE can find solutions to our life challenges.

Further reading – ‘The Sacred Life‘ by Marshall Vian Summers

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Spiritual Teacher and Emissary of Knowledge

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