Part 7 Divine Love & Spirituality – Divine Love as Knowing Series

Now we have reached the final section of The Knowing Series. Here is the ending, and the beginning, of understanding Divine Love in every part of our lives, every atom and molecule of our being.

What does spirituality really mean? Many people want to be more spiritual and many have turned to spirituality as an alternative to religion. Yet spirituality is contained in everything. Again humans have separated out something that they feel is an aspect outside of them to attain.

From the journey we have taken in the previous articles, we can now see, feel, listen to, and understand much more clearly that Divine Love is who we are. The way we are meant to be, and the energy that gives us the oneness and unity of our being, our connectedness with everything and everyone in creation.

Therefore, spirituality or being one with our spirit is not a separate part of us; it is not something outside of us that we can strive for like the goal of climbing to the top of a mountain. If we use symbology, it can feel like climbing a mountain as we journey deeper into ourselves to open to Divine Love, and go through the challenges this journey brings us. Becoming spiritual is to become a fully conscious loving being, living in, working in and being Divine Love every moment of our lives. Simply put – being love, giving love and receiving love.

Every act of kindness, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, and all the qualities we associate with the purest of loves intentions, is being spiritual. Healing and meditative practices can help us become more loving.

Now of course, there are many religions in the world and religion has a good purpose when practiced in its pure form. We must acknowledge that religion is created by man not the universe, not god or gods. However, it provides an avenue for humans to help them find a way to their inner spirit, with the belief of a greater power outside themselves. Religious communities, on the whole, aim to practice fellowship for its community, to bring each individual closer to its god. When they come together in collective prayer, this is the closest way they have of bringing unity through Divine Love.

The way of spirituality has opened a door in allowing people who believe in a higher source to find a way to connect with that source away from religion. It has generally adopted the healing and meditational approach rather than the collective prayer approach. However, both spirituality and religion are still creating separatism by the very nature of how they are being lived. Spirit can be the spirit within us, the spirit of an ancestor, the spirit of the god believed in, and the universal spirit.

Just for a moment, whatever your belief system is, allow yourself to move into that split second, of feeling one with everything through Divine Love. Feel the unity that I explained in part 6 on environment. WE can be with source, WE can be with creation, WE can be in unity.

This does not need rules of religion or pathways labeled with spirituality. All it requires is an open heart, an open mind and a willingness to let go of old belief systems that are no longer relevant. To allow space and silence between thoughts, wants, desires, needs, tasks and emotions. To allow Divine Love the opportunity to flow through our entire being. It is ecstatic, blissful and beautiful, calm, quiet and certain.

Our belief systems about the nature of the universe, God, gods and idols, and ancient ways of living, have their purpose, however they evolved from a time where human evolution was in a different place. We are now in the 21st century, a new way of living together is necessary for our survival, evolution and progress as human beings.

Now the way is clear for all, and the only way of being, that is the same in all of us, is being in Divine Love. Love is weaving between us, bringing us together in unity; guiding us to connect to the source of all creation. It is love that is bringing us to the place we seek that we call home, right inside our own hearts, minds and bodies. This is our spirituality every moment of our lives.

It is seen and felt when people fall in love, when a mother and father love their children, when a child loves with total innocence, when grandparents, aunties and uncles love their family members, when friends love each other, when colleagues love their work and honour one another, when someone stops to help an older person or child, when care is given to the sick and the dying, when we are there to help and support another person.

Love is there when we tend our gardens, nurture our crops, care for our animals, plants and wildlife, care for our environment by recycling and taking care where we dispose of litter, and when we make changes to our environment working in harmony with it.

Love is there when we do not anger or have violent thoughts or actions, when we conquer our fears and do something that makes us feel good; when we help someone in trouble, when we forgive without condoning or condemning or judging. The list is endless if we are living in a conscious loving way. These are the acts of Divine Love, this is living our spirituality.

Many people think that being spiritual means shunning the world we live in. How can that be spiritual? If we turn our backs on the world, we cannot live in love with one another or unite our world to create a new way of living and being, we are only creating more separatism.

We have created what we live in and how we live, only together through love can we bring death to that which needs to die, and bring life to new creation. We are the creators, the destroyers and the re creators. We do this with our connection through love; by understanding how to live with our cycles so that we can make it a more loving cycle of change and evolution than the way we currently operate on our planet.

Let us take a moment for contemplation, to ask our thoughts and fears to leave for a moment, sit with the silence and allow the space for nothingness.

Imagine that you do not have a physical body and imagine yourself one with the room you are in, then wider and you are the garden, the grass, the trees, the flowers, the earth, the wind, the rain, the sun, the stars, the moon, the planets and become all of the universe. You don’t have to be anything at all; you are one with everything, all that is.

Allow the awesomeness of this feeling to grow within you. Feel the energy rise within you, feel the ecstasy of love enfold you.

It may feel scary or alien, don’t worry, let go, if only for a split second you feel that oneness, you have made it into being Divine Love. Everything you need is within you, all the love you desire is within you. You are the spirituality within you; you are the Divine Love within you.

Now gently allow yourself to withdraw back into feeling your whole body again in the room. Notice how different the room feels, even looks. Give thanks to your god or the earth or the universe for allowing you to be part of loves creation.

Perhaps, now, you can take the next step towards conscious loving and make the changes you need to make to live your spirituality. Living with the Knowing within you that is Divine Love.

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