Part 6 Divine Love & Environment – Divine Love as Knowing Series

We’ve looked at creation, destruction and recreation and how Divine Love works through sex, all relationships, work, society and health. Now we return to our planet and environment. Environment is contained in several layers which includes our internal as well as external environment.

We have the planet that is the environment we live on and with, there is the environment that we live in as our home, the environment of work, of society and then there is our internal environment which comprises the ecosystem within and around our physical bodies. A healthy environment is essential to sustaining not only our own life, but all life on the planet. It doesn’t end there either. The sun and moon, the airspace between, the stars, the galaxy and universe are our entire environment.

Just stop for a moment and breathe in this essence of life, think, feel what I have just said.

WOWWW! Isn’t it amazing?

What is even more amazing is that our environments are not separate from us; we are in them and they in us. A kind of symbiotic relationship crucial to our survival and life upon our planet earth.

I will repeat again that we create, destroy and re create everything inside of us and what we perceive outside of us. We are all that cycle of life, death and rebirth; the same as the plant kingdoms, animal kingdoms, rocks and minerals, stars and planets are.

When we look at history and evolution, we can see how marvelous a species we can be when we live in harmony with our planetary systems. Conversely, we can also see what a destructive species we are when we don’t, still continuing in the 21st century.

Whilst the green movement is now here, it has taken us a long time to recognize the urgency of living with love for our earth. We are barely scraping the surface of what needs to change within us in order to love and live in harmony with our planet.

Whilst science explores deep space looking for the secrets of creation or another planet to colonise, we haven’t understood and cared for the one we are on. It is us that needs to change, to become conscious of the love that is in us and around us. We are the detriment to our planet, not the planet, although there is a life cycle for a planet too.

Many people are beginning to live consciously with the earth again, working in harmony with the natural cycles of life, death and rebirth with the soil, sand, rivers, oceans, birds, fish, animals, rocks, minerals, plants, trees, flowers, the air we breathe and the water we drink. Life is nourished and sustained with the sun, water, air and nutrients from the soil. The food we eat contains all the elements of life. This is what we take into our internal environment to support the vital life force within us. This is our relationship with our environment. It keeps us functioning and alive as human beings. Imagine what is going on within us when our relationship with what we put into our bodies is not in harmony with the planet that feeds our body, mind and soul?

However, as is the way with humans, we do not make this connection and think that everything outside is separate from us. Let me show you how we are actually one.

In our internal environment, when we eat and drink in balance  love our food, love the environment where we grow, prepare and eat our food, we digest it properly so that it can support and nourish our well being. We feel whole, healthy and connected with the beauty of life.

When we eat to excess, eat and drink junk food, binge, or eat with anger and fear, we begin to feel ill, our bodies break down and our life doesn’t seem so beautiful to be a part of. In fact our bodies can object violently with gastric upsets, heart attacks, chronic disease and much more.

Turning to our external environment of the earth, when we nurture crops, the plants, flowers, trees, grasses, animals, birds and everything in nature; we not only see that beauty, but we feel connected with it, and the earth mirrors the love, support and nourishment back to us in its beauty. This is where we are in harmony with our planet and environment. A walk in nature is a walk with beauty and nourishment both from and for our whole being.

However, when we rape the land, fill it with litter, destroy it with explosives, chemicals, sound vibration, kill and maim wildlife, pollute our waters and air, pillage the resources that the earth gives us; then we not only violate our planets environment, we contaminate ourselves. How does this feel? Imagine being hit with food poisoning, or attacked by another person…… violent does that feel? This is what we are doing to our planet and each other.

So where is Divine Love in all this? There is the cycle of life, destruction and re creation, so right now, there is an urgent call for us to stem the tide of destruction and re create a loving planetary home again. Look closely at the earth around you, the wonder and beauty that amazes you and reflects the beauty within you. The planet loves us, being there when we go to sleep and when we wake up. We take it forgranted, reject it, harm and disregard it. In effect because it mirrors who we are, we disregard the love and beauty within ourselves when we do this.

You may be struggling with this idea, that what is within you is manifested outside of you? If you take a moment to think about a time when you felt close to nature, in the woods, a park, by a lake or the ocean, maybe in the snow, air or water; you will have experienced little moments of oneness. They come in the silence when you have allowed space between your thoughts. This is the time, in those split seconds, when your inner environment is one with your outer environment. This is what we mean in understanding the oneness and unity of life. This is your world of creation, death and re creation; a moment of oneness or should we say – nothingness.

This unity is what we strive and seek in our path of personal development, growth or spirituality, So in order to move closer to this, we have to return to closeness and harmony with all of nature, with all of life. All of life is people, friends and family, land, water, air and fire; the birds, fish, animals; the rocks and minerals; the plants, flowers, grasses and trees; the earth, the moon, the sun, the stars, the planets and universe. All of this is creation; this is who we are, marvelous beings of life.

I also mentioned our environment at home, work and in society. With this understanding of being one with all life, perhaps you can now make the connections from your own knowing within you, that you are one with your family, your partner, your workplace, your society and the planet. If any part of your environment is not in harmony and unity with the laws of creation and life, change is needed. An opening of your heart to a greater consciousness of loving is essential for you and everyone around you. Breaking out of an oppressive or abusive environment is necessary for your own life and all of life around you. Divine Love shows the way when you are open to it.

In our outer environment we have made progress with our green movement, creating recycling and reclamation programmes, but we still have a long way to go as we continue to allow science and commercial interests to violate the earth and the galaxies. Whilst science, commerce as well as education, government and media have very positive elements for our lives together, currently they leave a lot to be desired by contravening the authority and power given to them in not honouring our earth’s resources for the good of all of us. Much inner change is required from each of us to bring the essential force of change to these sectors of our life and environment.

The only way we can do this is to nourish the love within each one of us which will bring change to our whole being where we can connect with all of life and bring the shifts necessary for us to create and live in harmony with our wonderful environment.

Housing, schools, hospitals, workplaces, roads, oceans, rivers, the airspace, the countryside, the water we drink and the air we breathe, the animals, fish, birds, insects, butterflies; the grass, plants, flowers , trees, the soil and sand, the rocks and minerals. These are our environment and we are guardians of the life and beauty inside of us and outside of us. We are the sustainers of life; we are the nourishers of our bodies.

When you wake up in the morning to the rain, the sunshine, snow or gales, give thanks for your environment and the elements of life you share with it. Take a step from your bed into a new relationship with your environment.

With love as your knowing, you can create a new world right from inside your own heart. Then if you want to action that change, you can inspire others to help you externally.

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