Part 5 Divine Love & Health – Divine Love as Knowing Series

Let’s now look at how Divine Love and health are connected. My journey with health issues allowed me a deeper insight into this area, and I trained in naturopathic nutrition, Bach Flower Therapy, Energy and Sound Healing during my journey with understanding health. Therefore I feel I can speak with great conviction.

First and foremost, as a society and as individuals we have a grave misunderstanding of the nature of health and wellness. Being healthy and whole does not necessarily mean, being absent of disease or disability as viewed through our eyes.

Medical Science has made wonderful advances in looking at health mechanistically, yet it has forgotten there is an also an art to health and the body has its own capacity for healing, which was better understood by older health practices and the forerunners of today’s scientific model of medicine. Medical science is also hugely influenced by pharmacology, the use of synthetic drugs with isolated compounds that have been taken from largely natural sources but concentrated in isolation to target specific parts of the body. Herbal and plant medicines also isolate compounds but use them in a more holistic way.

A healthy individual is one who can generally function as wholly as possible within their world, which is not necessarily the world we think it should be! Life can be lived in many ways not just the standard way the majority function in. There are also many people who have made so called ‘miracle’ cures for themselves, and every human being looks for a miracle cure believing that it will make everything better for them. Our thought patterns and actions are geared to ‘making us better’. To this end we put all our hopes and fears onto medical science to find cures. However, I will put it to you, that the level of disease and illness in the world shows that perhaps this mindset is partially incorrect. That being ill has a reason for every individual, not only for their own life experience, but as a mirror to those around, to teach all of us.

In Part 2, I briefly stated that we cannot know another souls journey. For many that journey will include a health issue. We cannot escape genetic inheritance whatever our scientists are doing in trying to play God! Health issues have a genetically inherited component. However they also have a miasmic component, environmental component as well as emotional, mental and spiritual components. I explained how we are made up of various energies in the prologue to this series. All these energies contribute to our health and wellbeing, our disease and disability states.

My journey took me deeper into this reality. I have coped with ill health within myself and seen my family, friends and colleagues struggle with their health, and helped my clients as a practitioner in complementary medicine.

For a while, I turned against the medical profession, then one day, the trauma of losing my baby and my husband having a heart attack, led me back to understanding the role of both medicine and healing. It was in my darkest moments that I realized the power of Divine Love and I have only gone forward with that knowing.

Healing is not curing something and making it better. Healing supports the soul’s journey. Little things can have a plaster put over them and they heal up. The scar may remain. Larger health issues have to be understood, listened to, and heard. Health problems are the body’s way of talking to us, telling us what must change within us, in our lives, our work, our relationships and society. Health issues are our teachers, sometimes they can be cured , however for many with chronic illness and disability they are a lifelong companion; guiding us to grow into more love as we listen to the pain, the difficulties and the challenges of operating in a society that does not currently fully understand health and wellbeing.

Wellbeing is about living life with or without a health issue and feeling well, happy and whole. A disabled person (disabled as in the eyes of society) can be happy and whole, and very often acutely aware of why they are here and why they are in the body they have.

Divine Love is often a mysterious and unfathomable teacher for those who only use the mind’s eye, the mind’s reason and the mind’s logic. The heart knows and loves without reason or logic. Therefore we go back to the balance I mentioned in earlier articles, when we balance heart and mind we live in Divine Love and become whole and well.

We may not cure the health problem we have, but we can have a better quality of life than is widely accepted. Scientific medicine may find a cure – one day; however millions even billions of people have health patterns that are unique to them which makes it difficult to find a cure all solution.

Part of my health journey is that I am extremely sensitive to conventional drugs. I have learned to explore every possible health and healing avenue in order to manage my personal health. Often the doctors cannot assist me. However when it comes to emergency treatment, I would trust them 100%.

I make this statement because in my journey with healing, I have found all too often those who want to do everything naturally and condemn medical science. Whilst medical science has many parts of which I do not agree with, particularly the hold over our health by pharmacology, as I said at the outset, it has a place when necessary.

From this balanced perspective, Divine Love is working when we are in the operating theatre, in an emergency, and when our life needs to be saved. From the lesser health concerns we all face, many can be helped through opening the door to love within. By allowing our emotions and thoughts to change, by realising the spirit within us that knows. This inner love brings healing, health and wellbeing as we take self responsibility then balance it with reason and logic accepting medical help if required.

Let me use the common cold as an example. Millions want to stop a cold when they get one because it interferes with going to work or whatever. I KNOW, the common cold is my friend. It’s come to make me rest for a day or two, to cleanse my body of toxic substances, toxic thoughts, toxic feelings; and after it clears, I am clear in my head, body and heart, renewed with energy and a fresh outlook on where I pick up and go forward. The common cold is created by our own bodies, it is not something we catch. In addition being connected to the forces of creation, as the seasons change and the weather conditions change, our bodies are also affected. This is why we get winter colds and summer colds. Many health problems can be worsened or feel better at different times of the year and throughout the moon cycle.

Of course medicine doesn’t recognize and work with this in people. If I could change our healthcare system, I would have GP’s, Nutritionists and other complementary medicine practitioners working in harmony in every health centre in the world. Today it is a vision, perhaps tomorrow it will be a reality.

Listen to your Knowing, what does your body tell you?

What avenues have you not yet explored to help your health and wellbeing?

It does not matter what anyone outside of you…thinks or says…unless it rings true for you inside. Divine Love will show you the way to better health and wholeness when you embrace it fully and honour it in your life’s journey.

Finally do not be afraid of death, it is only a process in the cycle of creation. We are born to die and we die in many little ways everyday as we let go of things, places, and people who no longer serve us. Our lives are a journey into love and as the love increases inside us, we start to live with more ecstasy than we can ever imagine. Being in that energy of love, giving love, receiving love, is how we live in wellness, healthy and whole.; unafraid of our journey with life and death.

We have wonderful lives to live, and our Knowing guides us, holds us and embraces us in love every step of the way. Only we can release ourselves by opening our hearts to the love within us for better health and wellbeing.

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