Part 4 Divine Love & Society – Divine Love as Knowing Series

So far I have talked about Divine Love in all relationships including how Divine Love helps us move to a greater whole through our service in our workplaces. From the home and workplace we then have our society. Society holds and mirrors our fear and love, our positive and negative thoughts, feelings, actions, desires, wants and needs; our darkness and our light. As I talk about society it is important to grasp that everything we see and experience in society is what we have created from inside us. WE are the creators of our heaven and hell that we experience every day. WE hold and wield the forces of creation and destruction that allow us to be the way we are for good or bad. If we do not live our daily lives connected with the Divine Love within us, we cannot create a loving, peaceful and kind world together.

The truth is that whatever definition of love we have, however it has been instilled into us; we mustn’t hesitate in giving love. The most important way of living is to love everything and everyone in our life. When we die, it is love that matters beyond all else and if we start loving consciously today, we change ourselves, our relationships,  and our society as we connect with more individuals living consciously in love too. This is how we will create a happy, loving, kind and peaceful society that serves the whole.

Society is not something solely outside of us. We created it from within us to support life in wider community and meet the needs of our whole selves. To this end we have all those roles and sectors mentioned in part 3, that make up our society, which also include the spiritual, relaxing and entertaining needs of our society. Society is where we come together outside of the individual and function in community. I talked about the Greek Polis parallel in relation to work and what is interesting is that the Polis expanded beyond itself and became the cosmopolis, an expansion into larger territory. We now use the word cosmopolitan for being part of the greater whole embracing the mix of the human race culturally. With the internet and global communication the whole world has become our society.

However, there are cultural differences between nations and each nations society is a reflection and mirror to the thoughts, feelings, ideas and actions of the individuals within that society. Unhappy individuals create an unhappy society just as happy ones create a happy society. This can then manifest globally as we are all connected. We have to look at what we create with each other from within ourselves. We also have to understand how our society and culture is interpreted by a different society and culture.

You may find this hard to grasp especially in the west where we tend to blame society for everything. We blame it because we have given our inner power over to it by not listening to the voice of love within us, which also brings the voice of reason, compassion, fairness and justice (Knowledge). Only we can change society. Instead of allowing it to control us, we can take control of ourselves and society. This isn’t advocating physical civil war and violence; this is advocating the change within us as individuals, to then influence the changes in society. Then society will benefit us rather than making us feel helpless and under its control. A change of heart creates a change of mindset.

Society is made up of the services that serve the whole of community and a nation. These include law, government, science, health and welfare, education, environment, economic exchange, media, arts and recreational activities. When things go wrong and we don’t like what we see in society, we usually blame some of these. The strongest of these is the politics from government, science, education and the media. We have given so much of our individual power to them that we have allowed them to influence and control our lives more negatively than we realise. They are positive elements of society which should enrich our lives. However, the initial idea and operation of them becomes corrupted leading to the negativity being stronger. We also tend to abdicate responsibility to them, instead of taking self responsibility for how good and efficient we can make them which honours the great contribution they make to our lives; so blame culture is a very negative way of living as well. There will always be those who wish to wield power over another because that is part of the human condition and how we learn. It is there to show us the pathway to becoming conscious loving beings. We can live in society and make decisions together; with everyone being able to contribute, when the systems put in place, work from a place of loving order,  to benefit the whole. It is up to us to ensure we can do that.

Let’s remember what I said about our work and service, our relationships, and that we are the energy of creation, destruction and re- creation; all the elements of society function from this basis. We make our lives good or bad, no one else.

When you think more deeply about this, without Divine Love weaving inside and outside, there can be nothing beautiful, no caring, and nurturing or support, no virtue, no growth or development, no happiness, no contentedness. It is love that helps us create the harmony, beauty and peace we wish to have in our society and our world. It permeates our very existence. Without it life is barren.

My purpose here is to give an overview of the simple truth, that in order to live in a better society, the individual must open to a conscious way of loving from within. To change their own way of living and relating in the world, connect with other conscious loving beings who love their work and love their society, and then society can be changed and recreated to reflect and mirror the conscious loving whole. A better way of life for all.

Human beings create and destroy and appear to be self destructive with destruction currently prevailing. Every society is in deep change and going through darker times. We may look back on this period as a dark age. However, out of darkness the light shines very brightly and our world can be richer for this experience. Humans want to live a better way of life; to do that, the light must shine from each heart and allow love to flow.

Society breaks down so that it can be re-created; we have society and the planet in this phase currently. As millions of people in each country around the world change to become conscious loving beings, they reach into their external environment and create a better world. All of us should strive to do this for our survival and progress. What we see externally in that change isn’t always pleasant, but it may be necessary and the only way forward at this point of our evolution, for the change to occur.

Our goal is to live consciously in love and ultimately in balance with ourselves and our planet. It is from the core of our being where we are balanced and centred in love, that we can achieve lasting peace, happiness, contentment, better community relations and a supportive society. We can make government and politics work with us, we can influence our education, science, health and welfare, our environment, the media and marketing, and the economic exchanges needed for our society to function wholly and completely. We can release and realise the spirit of our nations and cultures.

This gives us freedom. Freedom to choose and freedom to be who we are. Freedom isn’t something external we buy; it is a state within us. Freedom from physical captivity is a different subject. However, bear in mind if you feel chained by society then you are feeling physical captivity created within you. The western culture and societies are chained by materialism and monetary greed with a desire for individual recognition that creates a negative control over others. Being conscious in Divine Love brings freedom of the soul by changing your perspective on life, love, work, society and the world.

If you have opted into small community as  a way of life, this is admirable, however it does not help the whole of society because we have shifted into a modern global way of living and we are now faced with the choice of either trying to go back to local community and the consequences of how that operates in a harder physical life, but perhaps a greater spiritual wellbeing; or we accept we are now in a different time and the wisdom of ancient ways of living can be adapted to share into a whole nation and ultimately global family. The truth is we cannot go back because this is our progress, we have to recreate our way of living peacefully and lovingly together globally.

Sensationalism is rife in the western culture, conspiracy theory abounds, and we are hungry for gossip , quick to judge and condemn. We fail to understand that what is going on in our daily lives for better or worse is the product of our own minds and hearts.

It is true that love conquers all, even if it seems it doesn’t at times. It works in its own way and in its own time. Society can change, with conscious loving individuals coming together, and the voice of love heard, in everything we do. We can then create the new society we wish to live in.

You must ask yourself two questions and allow your knowing to speak to you:

  1. What inside you, needs to change, so that you can live in a happy, loving, peaceful and kind society?
  2. How will you make the change and action it in your world?

There are many avenues open to you for personal growth, spirituality and learning to be a more loving, whole person. Make a start today, don’t be afraid to step into the loving being that you are.

Find a book, CD, DVD, course, group or personal teacher that can help you open your heart to the Divine Love within you. One more person loving consciously and trusting their knowing brings a major contribution to creating a better society for all.

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