Part 3 Divine Love & Work ( Our Service) – Divine Love as Knowing Series

After discussing how Divine Love weaves in our work relationships, let’s look more closely at Divine Love throughout all aspects of our work.

Unfortunately, these days, the very word ‘work’ conjures an immediate negative energy in our minds of having to do something that is a chore, and for those who already love their work, they are put on the defensive in saying how lucky they are in enjoying their work.

However, loving our work should be the norm, not the negative association of necessity only. Transforming our relationship with our work requires a change of heart and mindset. If we step back for a moment and look at the reason for our work, we can immediately view objectively, why we work – first and foremost before the need for money.

As human beings we have learned to be fairly self sufficient in supporting ourselves physically since time began. However, we need the support of one another to be able to function wholly and to live together wholly. In order to do this we must ‘serve’ one another. It is by serving one another with our own gifts, talents, abilities and skills that we then feel we are connected to each other and can live together in a happier, contented way.

Service is the world of what we call work. As work means different things to each person, I will continue using the words ‘serve’ and service’. This is purity of action in thought and deed for oneself, the good of another, and the whole.

Every human being has a service to fulfill and to feel whole inside carrying out that service. Usually we choose the work we wish to do based upon what we are good at and enjoy doing. Sometimes for various reasons we go into something we didn’t plan to. When we are young and unsure of what the world has to offer to help us move into our service, we go through various experiences of work in order to find that pathway which gives us completeness in what we do to serve ourselves and community.

Each role serves the community in some way. This can be paralleled with the Greek way of living and being in the town, they called this ‘The Polis’. Where each person, being part of the whole town and order of that community, politically, economically, physically, spiritually; formed the whole in serving one another.

So our service is necessary to the whole of our community, in this day and age local, national and international as well as for our own wellbeing and spiritual nourishment. That nourishment is Divine Love. It is that inner feeling of wholeness, wellness, completeness and honour to be of service to another individual, organization, community, society, nation and the world.

So why does the world of work become such a harsh, negative place to function in? And how many people feel fed up, bored, stressed, stifled, resentful, victimized etc.? Every day, the conversation, at least in the west; focuses primarily on the work we do for the money we earn for ourselves, rather than the service we give to others with the reward of knowing we are doing something worthwhile for someone and being paid for achieving that.

I spent many years ‘working very hard’ both as an employee and an employer. I observed as well as experiencing much in the positive and negative aspects of our work lives. It is from my own experience I came to the understanding I now have, in that we are here to serve one another. However, the place where we serve and our inner desire for service must form a cohesive and flowing whole. In other words, our workplace and our inner nature must work together.

For this to operate successfully, each member must look into their inner and deeper self, and listen to the voice of Divine Love within. This will help change the mindset of how we interrelate with one another in our service.

There is a factor in that due to the nature of human being’s, there will be leaders and followers, innovators and non innovators; and secure, stable servers that are as necessary to the whole as leaders are. Every person’s service is equally important.

I like to use the analogy of the toilet cleaner being as important as the chief executive. Without clean toilets the shit piles up! The chief executive and the whole organisation are in the shit. Without the chief executive, the whole operation has no structure or leader to progress the organisation for the good of the whole. Every person in between has a place within, where each is dependent on serving the other for the good of the whole organisation.

What happens in reality is that a system of buying another’s service using money has been created. Money has taken the place of love for our service and has no soul to it because it is merely a neutral exchange. Yet the power attached to money has become so strong in our minds, that our service is now a slave to the money and what it can buy us, rather than the power that is in loving what we do with the monetary reward supporting it. With the understanding now of service, you can see we have become slaves to our own creation of money rather than holding our inner power of love to serve and support one another. With the added dimension of global business and global communication, this has brought a wider aspect into how we serve one another in our workplaces.

To honour our workplace roles and serve one another, we must listen to what our bodies, hearts and minds urge us to do that makes us happy and whole. When we do this, we can change how we go to ‘work’ or better phrased ‘how we serve’ and how we relate in our places of work; which are really our places of service to one another.

In order to grasp what I am talking about – in case you haven’t. Examples beyond the toilet cleaner and the chief executive would be:-

  • Food Manufacturer – the employer serves the wider whole in producing the food and creating jobs.
  • The employee serves the employer and the whole by supporting the process from concept to production and supply to the distributor.
  • Distributor –   the employer serves the market to ensure the food reaches the retailer and creates jobs.
  • The employee serves the employer and the whole by assisting the logistical operations of achieving that.
  • Retailer – the employer serves the community and the whole by selling the food and creating jobs.
  • The employee serves the employer and the whole community supporting the selling of the food for the consumer.

All roles in finance, public sector, health, education, politics, entertainment, marketing, media, leisure, and art etc.;  have a process where each person is serving one another and the whole.

If we can grasp this in our minds and hearts, recognize that we are serving one another when we go to work each day, we are coming from the place within us of Divine Love. There is no need to judge or condemn, or humiliate, or hold power over another person in a negative way. We are all a team, serving each other, working together to create and serve our world. Our work or as I said, our ‘service’ is the most important aspect of Divine Love we can live in and bring through for one another.

Money is necessary for the basics of life, to feed, clothe, house us and helps us pay our way. We can also buy nice things with the extra we have. However, money is not our goal and our lifestyle can be so much simpler and enriched than we think,  when we have money and service in balance.

When we go through trauma such as redundancy or any crisis that leaves us with little money, it is surprising at how much freedom it actually brings because the mindset has been broken allowing a new way of life to be created. You have to go through it to fully understand that the material life you so crave is only a mirage when it comes to being happy, whole and free.

This is evidenced by the millions who have been faced with the reality of change through a financial crisis and coming out the other side much happier, with a realistic idea of life and what is important. Many have then, and only then, followed their hearts desire to service by doing what they love to do.

It’s a shame it takes trauma to get there. However, perhaps, that’s the way it is meant to happen – or is it?

I leave the question with you.  You decide.

Could you make the change within you, without trauma to bring it on?

When we can each make the change, we will shift how we serve one another into a new and better, more loving way of living and working together for all of us.

In order to be happy and whole in our service, in our work, trust the voice of love within you and trust your knowing.

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