Part 2 – Divine Love & Relationships – Divine Love as Knowing Series

Following on from Part 1 – Divine Love & Sex, I will now talk about Divine Love in all of our relationships – partners, family, friends and work.

Understanding the creative energy of sex within all of us, helps us see how partnerships come together from attraction. Yet through the energy of Divine Love they can come together with a deeper connection of knowing, where a relationship grows from a loving connection rather than based purely on sexual attraction. Sex is always present in every relationship because it is the energy of life and survival with which we create and pro create. However Love enters in a different way. Usually quietly, subtly making its presence known, calmly, with a feeling of steadfastness, trust, wholeness and completeness, simply put  – a knowing. The knowing of the bond between each other which is not only within, but from a greater source than the two people involved. Knowing gives us the presence of grace within ourselves.

When sexual attraction dominates a relationship, it is usually likely to bring a short or medium term cycle rather than a long term one. When the deeper knowing is felt and the sexual energy is balanced within the loving partnership, this creates better conditions for a long lasting relationship.

How do we know the difference?

Sexual energy is magnetic, passionate, wanting, needing. It makes an object of its desire purely for survival of the species or purely for pleasure where love is not involved. However because it creates this deep longing inside, it is so often mistaken for love. Divine Love has no desire, want or need it just – IS. It is that warm, safe, calm, inner love that understands everything, trusts and knows. Love is our knowing. In Divine Love we feel whole, complete and can stand in our own confidence and truth. With sexual energy, we are in passion, needing to be with a person, wanting and feeling that we are missing them. With Divine Love we may still miss those close to our heart, but we don’t have the same longing or neediness attached. We accept and know that we are connected eternally.

Eventually we all face being alone when we come to the end of our physical life on earth. However, most of us share the major part of our lives with another person , however many relationship cycles are involved. If we feel fully complete within ourselves we create relationships from a different place inside us. Not based upon need, knowing that our love for each other is always there, no matter what. This freedom in Divine love allows us to –BE- in a relationship, because we –CHOOSE- to share our life with that person; in a loving partnership where our bond allows sexual union in its most sacred, loving form, as part of that completeness. Ying and Yang become one both within ourselves as well as in partnership.

When the sexual desire, want, or need becomes extremely focused, this can lead to imbalance within, and every kind of different and deviant sexual experience can occur. By trusting our inner knowing, we learn to discern what is right for us, hold our wholeness and enjoy deeper, loving relationships. We are able to walk away from those relationships that do not show us love.

When two people then choose to bring a child into the world, they are much better prepared to nurture and help the child grow in a safe, whole loving partnership. We are guardians of the children we bring into the world. They are our future and they also have their soul’s journey to complete. Our role is to love them, nurture them and help them grow into the greatest love they can be. A child knows this love whether there are two people or one for their parents.

Our loving future is in loving right now!!

Which brings me to family, it is now well documented in spiritual literature that we choose the parents and family we are born into who will teach us and nurture us from baby to adult. Many experiences considered positive and negative, will happen within the family, shaping and teaching the soul as it develops from foetus to adult being, as well as the new addition teaching the family! We must not judge what is right or wrong for a soul’s journey because we do not know what that journey is. However, where a life is in danger or has come to harm within a family, we each hold the responsibility to ensure safeness, justice and compassionate love for any sentient being where harm has taken place. Divine Love is present always, no matter the circumstances and whether in a loving family environment or not.

Eventually a person at whatever age or stage of life starts to recognize the love within and make the changes necessary to live life differently. Love weaves subconsciously, constantly, waiting to be acknowledged and embraced fully consciously in our hearts, minds and bodies. It manifests in many ways to assist an individual or family relationship where needed. As souls we live to experience, let go and learn how to be in Divine love within and with one another. The family is our greatest teacher as part of that experiential journey, which shapes the future of all souls in each families care.

So often I have heard the saying ‘Friends are God’s apologies for relatives’. A kind of witnessing statement for accepting the close loving bonds of friendship that may have replaced what was lacking from a family situation. Here is Divine Love in action again, when friends have created close bonds with each other and will see each other through thick and thin. Friends can come together from a needy place, however friends are also capable of giving love without attachment and allow each other to grow with mutual support, even if they disagree on things or with the path each other has taken. Friends move apart when their friendship cycle is done and no longer necessary. Whilst upsetting sometimes, we can let go of friends in a better way from a Divine love perspective than we tend to do with partners we have come to the end of a cycle with. We accept the seasons of friendship having fulfilled their role, yet struggle with that same concept in close partnership. Divine Love is always there and carries on weaving as we move further on in our growth towards full knowing. Parting is the death in the life, death, rebirth cycle, where we can move forward and rebirth to create a new life. All relationships go through the cycle with change and growth at every level of being.

Therefore when we move into work relationships, from Divine Love we can begin to understand the desire to create together for the goals of everyone in that workplace. We will also see the cycle at work. The employer, employee relationship including middle managers, co-workers, support workers all have their place and all have a contribution to make, as well as an experience to learn from.

Divine Love works both consciously and unconsciously in a being. At work, it is conscious loving when you love your job! You love the people you work with, you feel rewarded and you are achieving your goals and ambitions doing something worthwhile.

Unconsciously love is weaving around when you don’t like your job, when you are not getting on with people, and you feel stressed, resentful, stifled, not rewarded, bored and unfulfilled. Love is at work in this instance by showing you that you are not doing what you should be doing and are in the wrong place within yourself and/or in the work you are doing, or the company you are in.

Work roles are very like acting in a play, where each of us are a part –  good or bad. We mirror to each other the qualities of action in which we serve our society and community, as well as serving our inner drive, passion and purpose in life.

When a person at work is not getting on with you, harming you, or you are not happy with them, there will be a reason deep within you to look at that situation objectively and what it really means for you. In most cases you can change it from within yourself and relate to it from a different attitude, thought or feeling. If it cannot, then you can ask for help or leave, whichever is appropriate.

If you are taking negative situations at work just for the money, you will fail to be happy in the working relationships. I will discuss money and love in a later article. The key to happy, fulfilled work relationships is to do what makes you happy and then you interact in a more loving way naturally. Divine Love is then conscious in your own being.

This short précis on relationships is meant as an overview for you to consider more deeply about Divine Love at work in your own heart, mind and relationships. Love is always present as I continue to repeat, whether you are conscious or not of its presence. What stands between us in embracing Divine love fully, is our minds and its wants, needs and desires. We have to balance mind and heart to fully step into love.

To open to love, trust your inner knowing, the kind of bond that is felt between a parent and child, or something that you love above all else, it is the love that shines like a constant candle flame , glowing soft and warm within you.

Every relationship has a beginning and an end; a life, death, rebirth; or creation, destruction and recreation; a short, medium or long cycle.

I trust that you can now understand, there is a deep reason why your soul connects with another. By listening to your inner knowing you can create the loving relationships you desire personally, and what the world so desperately needs globally. This is living life consciously with Divine Love as Knowing.

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