Part 1 – Divine Love & Sex – Divine Love as Knowing Series

In this First Part of The Knowing series, I talk about the relationship of Divine Love and sex. Please read the Prologue first, if you haven’t done so already, where I explain the cycle of creation, destruction and re-creation or Life, death and rebirth. It is important to understand that the energy of creation and sexual energy are the same. Therefore sexual energy follows the same cycle of life, death and rebirth. When this is applied to sexual relationships this means they also enter into the cycle of creation, destruction and re-creation the same way.

This means that sexual relationships can have short, medium or long cycles dependent on the depth of love involved. Here you can see I am leading to the point that sexual attraction is based upon the laws of creation. Yet Divine Love weaves in a deeper complexity, around sexual attraction. Men are known to be better at keeping sex and love separate than women, although women can do the same when the male energy is strong within them.

Love and sex is a vast subject and not for me to go into deep detail on. My aim is to guide you to your own inner knowing to help you make the right choices for yourself, by understanding how the energy of your knowing works.

The ecstatic feelings and experiences of sexual energy are manipulated in many ways throughout our world, by crossing the boundaries of this energy into everything we create. Because the energy of creation – creative thought into creative expression, the creation of things in our world – is sexual by its very nature.

Nature is governed by creation, by sexual union or pro-creation for the survival of the species and for the evolution of the species. As we are all the same substance we are also like this. However, humans hold a responsible and higher capacity that comes from the Divine Love within us and around us.

Divine Love is not the energy of sex and creation. It is the unseen energy of connectedness in knowing that we are all one with everything in creation. In that knowing, we love, we are compassionate, understanding and gentle in the way we relate to one another; and we accept, receive and let go; without fear, hate, greed or jealousy. With Divine Love there is no neediness and no forceful want or desire which makes a human being act in unloving ways.

All relationships can attain new heights when the inner knowing of Divine Love is felt, listened to and acted upon in the right way. For example: When two people are attracted sexually, if they take  a moment to feel where the initial rush of energy starts in the body, such as the lower regions or the heart or the mind, it is easier to know if this is actually love or sexual attraction only. Lower region energy is usually sexual first not love and that energy can override actually getting to know each other to fall in love properly. If the energy is felt in the heart first, it is more likely to be love and the sexual energy follows to enrich the union. Our hearts know and our hearts should always be listened to. However balance is required between the interpretations of the energy through the mind. Like minds can also attract sexually deep from within the psyche. However by using the knowing mind, discernment can also be made for the attraction.

For example: When two people meet and experience sexual attraction, the reason for that energy attraction may be for them to create a project together, or to help in a healing situation, or many other non sexual reasons. If one is attracted and the other isn’t but they get on well, this is more likely to be a ‘creation’ situation rather than a potential love relationship. The lasting love relationships and working relationships come from a less excitable place than sexual attraction. Love feels much deeper and warmer with a knowing of wholeness in the relationship. Therefore you can see how there is so much confusion in every kind of relationship in our world because we are not taught how to differentiate, step back and listen to our knowing. Most of us go head first into a sexual relationship which often ends up no where we thought it was going to be. We have an experience, positive or negative that shapes us, helps us grow and is meant to allow us to go forward with greater understanding in future relationships.

Because this creation energy is so powerful, it is why it is harnessed, manipulated and used upon us in all areas of life such as:- media, marketing, film, music, fashion, religion, the occult, art, health and wellbeing, politics, business and commerce. Sexual energy has been manipulated and abused since humankind began. No wonder we have lost our knowing!

So entering into the energy of Divine Love requires us to dig deeper inside ourselves, connect with the cosmos and understand what makes us tick? What is our inner creation energy? Our inner sexual nature?, and look at how vulnerable and how loving we are. The ecstasy of being in love gives us a clue to how it feels when we are in the energy of Divine Love. When we are in love we feel and see the world in a very different way; joyous, loving and peaceful, feeling one with everything and everyone around us. A pregnant woman also experiences this when she is carrying creation within her.

Divine Love is experienced in sacred lovemaking. Eastern sexual practices are being taken up in the West which teaches the sacredness of sexual union. It must be pointed out that because love and sex are cosmic forces they are sacred in nature. They are taught as part of a deeper understanding of honour and respect for a loving way of life with each other, for everyone and in reverence and humility to the power of the cosmos. They are to be practiced with loving consent between two people. The biggest part of loving is dropping the need to be loved, the need to love someone and all neediness. When you come from a place of Divine Love, you can go through life and create sexual relationships in a different way, where two people can enjoy the beauty of a sacred loving union, being in the knowing of Divine Love. (For more information on Sacred or Divine Sex I recommend books by Caroline Alldred available on Amazon).

Divine Love is also found in the deep bonds of all relationships such as mother and child, brothers, sisters, father and child, grandparents and grandchildren, adoptive parents and children, humans and animals, humans, plants and the earth. When you are prepared to die for the love of something or someone, this is Divine love in your soul. When you love like you have never loved and you are joyful, gentle, compassionate, empathetic and sympathetic; and are able to create anything with joy; move and change without fear; and can re-create in the harmony of the cycle of life, death and rebirth; you are being in Divine Love.

This bond of deep connectedness with love, respect and honour for all living things is the energy of Divine love at work in us and our lives. This is our knowing.

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