Epilogue – Divine Love as Knowing Series

I trust you enjoyed your journey into The Knowing and have gained a deeper insight into Divine Love and your own relationship with love. In the Introduction and Prologue, I began with an explanation of how we are all made of the same substances as in all of creation.  Progressing through the series, my intention was to help you clearly understand the fact, that:

We come from creation, we are creation and we create. We also destroy, die, become death and transcend death to have new life. In this cycle of life, death and rebirth, we have a choice of how we live, and how we live together, with all of life.

In the seven main areas of The Knowing series I have endeavoured to show you how the connections with this cycle play their part through sex, relationships, work, society, health, environment and spirituality. Contained within these is every aspect of everything and everyone in our daily life.

I have discussed these areas with an overview because to cover in detail every little thing would detract from allowing you to go into your own Knowing for your own life. The series is designed to make you think and feel about your whole life and being and how it applies to your daily living.

There are many unpleasant parts of our human condition and I am sure some may argue that I have painted a rosy picture of living life through love. This would be a very false and dangerous assumption.

The objective is for you to look deeper into how you live and how we all live within our societies, cultures and nations. In doing so, only then can you begin to make more sense of all the interactions we have with one another, throughout the world, in that cycle of creation, destruction and recreation.

If you are unsure of any part of this series, please contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions.

My own journey has challenges and difficulties. The world around us is fraught with daily challenges and difficulties, containing horrors, as well as beauty and miracles. The aim of trusting your Knowing is to return you to who you are, a being of love,  so that you can live a different way of life and change what you do not like , around you. As each individual opens to this way of being, we change the outer environment that is no longer in harmony with us. When we come together in collective love and unity, we no longer have a need to experience the horrors of life we face every day.

However, it will take each individual, united in collective loving consciousness, to bring about the change, so that horror is no longer part of our daily living. If we want a better world, we have to become better human beings. This is our evolution, becoming loving beings; resistance only delays this growth and makes it harder for everyone to shift into a conscious loving way of living.

My vision is that every heart in the world reconnects to its Knowing, the source of Divine Love within, and collectively we recreate a loving world, not just for this generation but for the future of humankind.

Thank you for reading The Knowing series and I trust that you are opening to your own Knowing within you.

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