Prologue – Divine Love as Knowing Series

In order to grasp love as the knowing, let me set the scene before you read the series. Science likes to prove the tangible and seen things in order to dispel the unexplained, the myth, the magic and the mystery. Yet, ancient wisdom relied on intuition, astronomy, astrology, mathematics and geometry. Marveling at mysteries that science has come a long way in explaining, but is still incomplete, with missing links it cannot explain.

All elements of life make up life. Both seen and unseen, often felt by many but not acknowledged or even denied, particularly by women where emotional energy moves differently to the way men perceive it. Men and women are different, yet the same, because both have female and male energy within them irrespective of gender. This is the energy of creation within. The stars, planets and universe have the same energy weaving and dancing through their very existence. All of this is the energy of love.

Science has shown us how stars and planets are born and how they die. It shows us star nurseries, black holes and dark matter as well as light, sound, electricity, nuclear & magnetic energy, gases, water, air, earth and fire. It has shown us the natural cycles of life, death and rebirth in plants and animals. Human biology, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and system scans, show us all our energy systems, proving that we are the same composition as earth, animals, plants, rocks, minerals, stars, planets and space.

So why do we look at everything outside of us as being separate from us? Science and Religion now show us we are connected to everything. Yet we have chosen a path and belief system that makes us think we are separate and that we cannot agree on things together,  and that we all have different ideas and beliefs about life and love.

Yet, we are at the mercy and direction of planetary and space activity because we are composed of the same materials. Take the time to think about that carefully.

How this translates into Divine Love in our lives comes when we understand that the energy of love permeates all creation, all beings of life, all composed of the same materials, living together as a whole.

All life apart from human, moves with and accepts its cycle of life, death and rebirth or in other words its creation, destruction and recreation. Humans choose not to accept this and receive untold pain and misery within themselves through that choice.

Yet Divine Love is experienced when we do accept living and working together in a loving way and live peacefully within the greater whole.

Humans hold great fear. Afraid to accept their fear, they become insecure and try to control, with a desire for power by forcing their fears onto others. This is not love but fear combined with greed and ego. Humans have this capacity that other life forms do not – they simply go with the cycle of life.

Love does not hold or carry fear, love transcends and dissipates fear. It can melt the hardest of humans depending on the circumstances. Yet we cannot see or touch it, only feel and know it.

As science cannot explain this, and yet love does make the world go round, we have to learn to trust the love within us and listen to its guidance. Wherever we find ourselves, positive or negative, love is somewhere there.

The first main article will talk about love and sex in the context of Divine Love as knowing, because this is the energy of the universe, creation, destruction and recreation. However it appears to cause most of the problems in the way humankind interacts in our world because we misuse and misunderstand it. This series will take you on a journey.

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