Introduction – Divine Love as Knowing Series

This is an introduction to Divine Love as The Knowing series where I explain the nature of Divine Love as part of the Knowledge within us. Love has become a word in our daily lives that is taken forgranted and misunderstood. Every heart knows love, but every day we only see aspects of that love, what we think love is.

However, love is so much more than we can see. Love weaves in the very fabric of our human beingness and in our planet and our universe. It is unseen, moving and connecting us in the beautiful dynamic vibration that we call life.

Nearly every person wants to know the deeper unknown mysteries of where we are from, why we are here and what life is all about. Yet we have failed, at the moment, to live together in peace and love, as a whole planetary community; nations fight, political and religious beliefs dominate our lives, technology and science are becoming too controlling and the destruction of communities and our environment proliferate. Our planet is in crisis and there is a war on humanity.

As a seeker of truth, I have journeyed with politics, religion, science, medicine, business, spirituality, music, and healing. Experiencing much of life in both negative and positive ways, I finally realised the only thing that really makes us the same, that is in all of us is the energy of love and the inner wisdom of our own Knowledge.

Love never leaves us, it is constant. We misinterpret it, we forget it, and we follow pathways of pain and hurt that we blame on love; particularly in the area of love and sex which I will address in this series.

The articles are designed to be short on each topic, inviting you to look deeper into your own experience of love in your life. They will take you on life’s journey and show you the nature of love at work in the whole of everyday life. I will take you through the different stages of life’s unfolding and help you journey with love.

For me, love is actually Divine Love, the Knowledge within us from a greater source than we are as individuals. We are the same make up in our bodies as the stars and the planets; beings of vibration – sound and light, electrical, nuclear, chemical and electromagnetic energy.

When we finally accept, acknowledge and step in to, the amazing beings we are, that we are star stuff; we can change how we live with each other forever and unite the human race to live together respectfully and harmoniously.

This series are personal revelations which came through me to help the world understand the energy of Divine Love at work through life; experienced from my awakening to the Knowledge inside me, and the recognition that this Knowledge is in everyone.

I wish to show you here, how Love is within the spiritual essence within us. The Sacred Fire and Sacred Light of Knowledge that burns constantly to protect and move us through life and return to our relationship with the greater power we call the source of all life and God.

Available on mp3 – ©2016 – 2021

Published by SacredFireofKnowledge

Spiritual Teacher and Emissary of Knowledge

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